Cascade Down The Runway Wearing Carlton Jones

For the many in the North American region preparing for summer and ready to shed all their winter clothes at the nearest beach or swimming pool, pay attention.   Your fresh new looks will not be complete until you have viewed the Carlton Jones resort20 collection just presented.

His latest collection was released during New York Fashion Week Resort at the TWA Lounge in the heart of Lower  Manhattan. There, in One World Trade Center above the skies, overlooking the skyline of New York City the travel-friendly collection came to life leaving all in attendance breathless and filled with color.



Whether your beaches are white, golden yellow, or pink– the Cascade collection by Carlton Jones will leave you strutting down the beaches of Morrocco, Egypt, or Zanzibar, with color harmoniously reflective of your surroundings.  Even if your backdrop is the royal blue waters of Santorini Greece or the Amalfi Coast, his color selects this season is a perfect match to those gorgeous locations.



Gentlemen you are not forgotten– Carlton has thought of everything for your honeymoon needs as you plan your travels.




So whether it is date night or just a night out on the town– there is something in this season’s collect for everyone and every beautiful body shape.






You, our readers are in for a treat.  When you visit the site and shop for your upcoming travels at Carlton Jones NY and use code WBMCJ2020 you will receive a 10% discount off all purchases.

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