I had the pleasure of recently co-producing bridal collection for emerging designer Kerianne Meehan during this past bridal market a few weeks back. When we first met over dinner the light and enthusiasm that she shared for her craft was refreshing and I couldn’t wait to help bring her vision to life! Kerianne started her journey into the bridal industry during her internship at Marchesa while studying FIT here in New York City. She chose FIT specifically because of their bridal program. She has wanted to be a bridal designer for as early as she can remember always being drawn to the energy surrounding weddings dress and the brides who wear them. As a child every morning at 5 am Kerianne put together fashion shows with her barbies who were only allowed to wear bridal gowns.

Tragedy inspired her love for the bridal industry having dealt with heartbreak and divorce during her childhood led to insecurities within herself not believing in love. Subconsciously those fears drew her closer to helping others to find love and  finally working through those experiences that weighed on her heart she was able to break her cycle of fear of love. Her greatest lesson came from that early heartbreak. She  came to the realization that love has to come from within. When we truly love ourselves then can we accept love from others into our lives.

Kerianne Meehan New York was born from loving yourself in an industry that tends to forget the individual. Her mission is to love yourself and the dress your in. In learning to appreciate her circumstances she has been shown that love is out there and it starts with you! When a bride comes to see Kerianne she is given a very intimate experience. The level of intimacy in the partnership of creating your own dress only further illuminates their journey of love and marriage. As a designer Kerianne describes her style as clean, classic and regal. Drawing inspiration from classic icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra giving you that feel of Old Hollywood with a modern twist. In each piece that she creates there is no detail spared and there’s a sense of grandness in every gown. Versatility is a key element if you have the pleasure of wearing a dress by Kerianne Meehan New York. It fits your individual style as a bride so that you wear the dress and not the other way around.



Creating silhouettes that suit everybody is all about fabrication and utilizing the best qualities of the fabric.  For slimmer silhouettes, a favorite of to create with is crepe it lends itself to the natural shape of a woman’s body. For ball gowns, anything from silks to silk failles allow for easier construction of a sculpted form.  A huge influence in Kerianne’s work are roses not only for their metamorphic meaning of love but also for the beauty of their shape. As an emerging designer in this ever-evolving bridal industry, the influences are endless. For inspiration in structure and shape, she looks to the designs of Zac Posen. An elementary teacher once challenged Kerianne to not go for the easy A and research fashion titan Vera Wang. Working on this project lit a light inside her and broadened her knowledge in the field. Her professor said, “You are going to be the next Vera Wang,” That is not the goal for Kerianne, she wants their inspiration to be a catalyst to create her own legacy.

What’s next for Kerianne Meehan New York? In its infancy thus far there have been so many surprises. It’s akin to the maturation of a child. In its current state, it needs lots of attention to nurture it to make sure that it can be sustainable and be recognizable on its own merits. The message of Loving Yourself will definitely be on the forefront because we can all use more love #dreamgoals would be to have a dress on the red carpet or at The Met Gala! Who knows what the future holds, but what holds true for Kerianne is the if we work with our dreams in our heart and soul only good things will manifest. From her dreams, she set goals, with those goals she made a plan, and with that plan, her dreams are becoming reality.



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