Kosibah Couture collection
Kosibah by Yemi Osunkoya for Mark Ingram Atelier

Kosibah, the name of a Nigerian woman who cultivated experiences that set high standards.
The name of a woman who encouraged creative pursuits in her children.
A woman’s name, esteemed by her son, Yemi Osunkoya, represents the name of his bridal label. Osunkoya’s parents were unaware that at a tender age, exposing him to formal events would ignite a talent for design that opened doors to a future in couture.

Osunkoya shares many designers such as Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga as the encouragement behind studying at the Paris Academy of Fashion where these very legends are celebrated. As he excels in both Men’s and Women’s wear, Osunkoya’s career flourishes in many areas that strengthen his area of focus and shape his design aesthetic. Various area of the Arts; music, ballet and fine arts too have made notable contributions to Osunkoya’s influence.

27 years has brought Yemi Osunkoya to a partnership with Mark Ingram, a well-known and established luxury designer. The couture Bridal collection, Kosibah for Mark Ingram, made its debut during New York Bridal Fashion week at New York’s midtown venue Manhattan Manor. Upon entering the Atelier of Mark Ingram, models appear in poised, statuesque positions throughout. Each shifting in rhythm, rotating to other areas of the room with sheer grace. It was in essence, a brilliant display of elegant ballet dance to classical music. One was able to view the gowns and focus on the intricate details Osunkoya boasts so proudly about.

Trained as a master couturier, features like corsetry and boned bodices are consistent taking pride that all women regardless of size and shape will look immaculate in these gowns. Each gown represents an artfully crafted drape bearing luxurious fabric sourced from regions around the world. The gowns present classic neckline details like the sweetheart, jewel and the bateau. The traditional fit and flare, popularly known as “mermaid” has its silhouette redefined with seamlines that further tailor the waist and hips of the model. The separates are were Osunkoya’s ushers in his Contemporary influence coupled with his Nigerian roots. The blouses are sheer, cut and sewn with solid Swarovski embellished lace engineered over the bust area with voluminous dramatic sleeves. Skirts range from column straight to a high-low flared detachable piece that covers any of the full organza dresses offered in his collection.


He often integrates accessories of collaborators of his caliber and taste level. Elaborately designed headpieces, that crown the gowns, may perhaps be another way Osunkoya honors his mother. Some were solid in bold outstanding red while another white and adorned with crystals. These will be custom styled and offered in the collection.

Bridal Couture Designer Yemi Osunkoya
Bridal Couture Designer Yemi Osunkoya

Yemi Osunkoya is breaking the glass ceiling in Bridal Couture as the 1st person of color to join the New York Bridal Council. His next step is launching his Women’s ready-to-wear collection self titled Yemi O.

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