Get Styled: Make a Statement with your Table Setting



I had the pleasure of visiting Tammy Carmona of Carmona NY and you are in for a treat with products galore. Every style of charger, flatware, glassware and more. Weddings are all about sharing your love with your guests and doing it in style. Carmona NY is a stylized accessory and decor retail store that is quintessential and epitomized grandeur that you want to evoke for your wedding day. I recently had the pleasure of choosing from their vast selection for a recent Harlem Renaissance-themed wedding. When you think Harlem Renaissance you think geometric shapes, black, and gold, feathers, and bling! The desired look was a nod to the style adding touches of the period. It was actually a hard choice because there were so many choices too select from. I spent hours here coordinating various styles and selections that evoked a memory of the Harlem Renaissance and then adding modern touches.



Carmona NY is also a great place to find gifts for the newly married couple to create their own luxury decor in their new home together. Layering is key to having a fabulous table setting for your wedding or any event! The goal is to create areas of interest and focal points for the eye to follow. Your eye travels from left to right when viewing so your setting should be visually appealing to the eye without overwhelming the senses. I myself am a very visual person hence me being an event designer! (Perfect career choice) I love the details and little surprises that you can add to create surprises to spark an emotion or happy memory.



Here are some tips to creating a stunning table setting are

1.  Select a primary color that is carried throughout this should be a neutral color that is carried over into floral design and linen as well.

2. Select a secondary accent color that can be your pop of color or shimmer like rose gold.

3. Look at your table from the perspective of the guests/end user how will they experience the design.

4. Don’t forget the chairs. If your venue has standard chairs think about adding chair covers. If you are able to bring in your own chairs Ghost chair or Classic Chiavari chairs.

Have fun with styling, don’t be afraid of colors but make sure you have an editing eye.





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