LA MÉTAMORPHOSE -Clairs-Obscurs - Haute Couture SS23

“Half Light” is the direct translation for the Spring Summer 2023 Haute Couture of La Metamorphose. “The night and its beauty are the inspiration for today’s collection,” says the two designers. Light peaking into darkness signifies hope and is an encouraging banner over a timeless collection this season.

The collection commences with the mystery and magic of the night – black and white cocktail set dresses; adorned with shimmer and embellished with hand-made organza flowers.

Elegantly fitted tuxedo sets in black and white with hand-sewn pearl patterns and ostrich feathers for a whimsical touch to the dark and mysterious tone.

Gowns of grey transparencies, draped with crystal, also tastefully treated with ostrich and swan feathers.

Mint greens make a break in the appearance of light, complemented by ostrich sleeves, gold lace, and hand-made 3D floral appliques.

Champagne gold ushers in the peak of the day like “the rising sun” with fabric that shimmer, sparkle, and shine in the most exquisite ways along the runway.

The culmination of the collection is the final dress made of silver lace with embroidery designed by La Metamorphose made in Atelier Lesage. After a night full of magic and mystery, this gown signifies “hope, love and making us look forward to the next day.” This is the sentiment of our brides and brides-to-be.

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