BRIDELUX Atelier 2020 Reviews – Matt Porteous – The Royal Photographer

Matt Porteous photography - The Royal Family's Christmas Card, Norfolk

Storytelling is Matt Porteous’ forte. When one has the keen ability to tell a story, the listener is usually compelled to ‘see’ the words unfold into cinematic imagery. This is what separates Matt Porteous’ work from other photographers. His works are produced in a trifecta best categorized in luxury wedding events, ocean culture life and a philanthropic effort under “The Studio M”. Commissioned to shoot The Royal Family’s various and capturing, in my opinion, the most impossible underwater shots as well as commanding imagery of third-world country settings distinguishes Matt from other talented photographers. Making top 10 of the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards for ‘Solo Portrait’ also speaks to his mastery as notable. I met Matt Porteous, photographer and filmmaker, at Bridelux’s Atelier at the InterContinental N.Y. Barclay Hotel. BrideLux curated the worlds leading luxury brands and companies whose specialty is in wedding event services.

As one of the speakers for this event, Matt shared his ethos as a photographer. His journey, his personal portfolio and his philanthropic work clearly speaks to photography going above and beyond a still shot. “My personal work share who I am as a person and this is why anyone would book me to photograph their weddings”. As Matt presented his slideshow, of all the luxury wedding photos of brides, groomsmen, the party, destinations, etc. were all natural, unposed shots and visually stunning. One can’t tell if untainted fruit is delicious yet with Matt’s process, he believes each capture must be candid and unplanned; its how he guarantees the best out of his clients. Whatsmore, is the emotional response evoked where you make an immediate connection to the strangers in the moment captured. That is what I would want all of my wedding photos to convey.

“The ocean is a big part of my world. I am happiest when I am below the waves. This is where I am content.” In addition to nuptials, Matt leads and works with “storytellers of the ocean”. They are a global community of filmmakers, photographers and writers who collectively create content that delivers ethical solutions that help preserve the ocean and ocean life. One project entitled “Freedom Of Silence” was started simply to capture the world of the underwater. The passion called for more special attention involving other experts who would contribute to getting the creative discoveries out to the world. To see samples of Freedom of Silence, see here. Matt’s team under The Studio M also produces work for charities whose goal is to gain interest of investors to help raise global awareness about countries and their natives in need of support. How inspiring! To see samples of his personal journey through the country of Namibia, see here.

Upon introduction, Matt’s personality depicts this free, fluid sensitivity that is cool in nature and yet magnetic; as is the natural qualities of the Ocean. After Matt’s talk, my husband Troy and I visited his booth space in the grand ballroom among so many other vendors. As mentioned, he has a draw to him and an immediate enveloping warm humility even with his success among high society. He zeros in on our conversation and happily shares with us about his work and amusements. Even as others patiently waited to speak with him, he carefully attends to Troy’s inquiries. Matt shares about the incredible talent that closely surrounds him as a team that work to “deliver better versions of themselves and their work”. This is the character of a person you want to help tell the story of your love.

Matt Porteous’ vision share attributes that are familiar to our World Bride readers; who are professional, solid values of family and community, understand the dignity in work and practices financial stewardship. Should you be in the season of planning a wedding and want exclusive access to a spectacular selection of wedding specialists, visit to find out how. For more information on the photographer, filmmaker and world-changer, Matt Porteous, please visit,,, and be sure to mention WORLD BRIDE MAGAZINE.

Matt Porteous – Photographer, Filmmaker
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