Paris Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2020 – Designer Highlights – ALEEM YUSUF

ALEEM YUSUF 'Obsession' Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2020, Imaxtree photography

Individuality and beauty versus transparency and fragility is the brilliant dichotomy of Aleem Yusuf’s Spring/Summer 2020 Couture collection ‘Obsession’ featured at the Hotel Le Marois during the Paris Haute Couture runway shows. The models, gracefully draped in luxurious, embellished fabrics represented a delicate sensuousness yet each piece presents a display of fierce confidence. True to his tradition, Yusuf finds it appropriate to introduce his collections with an homage to Melbourne black; this warm, deep, nurturing shade of black is popularly worn by Melburnians in all seasons.


The collection distinctively captures a woman’s innate essence with layers of exquisite textiles as silk organzas and chiffon; illusion and delicate lace, light weight satins and crystal embellishment.  Classic silhouettes are altered to reveal the beauty of the feminine form while cut and drape of each gown use intricate, age-old techniques and attention to detail showcasing the traditions of couture.

When I shared with Yusuf that we cater to a global bride and all the members featured in her special event experience, I asked him to describe this special woman. After all, couture, like a woman, can be beautiful, fierce and fragile. It deserves our utmost respect. Yusuf amusingly agrees “she is strong yet polite and gentle but someone you do not want to mess with because she is wearing really high heels”. His favorite option for a wedding gown is the introductory piece; “the black gown in off white or black [as is]. We can adapt this whole collection to any woman’s needs”. Therefore, venture to standout from the traditional bridal looks and elect to present a elevated sophistication for your wedding season that will not only promote a legacy of memorable change but will inspire family and friends to do the same.

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