Paris Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2020 – Designer Highlights – LA MÉTAMORPHOSE

Designers - LA MÉTAMORPHOSE - With Singer Vaimalama Chaves Imaxtree photography

Harmony. Love. Dedication. Theses terms personify the woman and her process that evoked La Métamorphose’s presentation at the Hotel Le Marois during Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 shows. This woman’s ‘soul’ is what sisters, Ewa Gawkowska and Małgorzata Szczęsna, designers behind this brand, pay their tribute to. They wanted to best represent her heart and delicateness by artfully showcasing the harmony between her and the lovely nature surrounding her.

Fine fabrics such as French tulle, hombre chiffon, satins and silks presented in a palette ranging from jewel tones to powdery pastels describe the “colors of her soul” and its comparison to nature. Layers of these lovely materials perfectly draped over the models exudes sheer blossoming femininity, representing the stages of “her blossoming in every moment in her life”.


The message the sisters are sharing are no different from what we promote here at World Bride Magazine; a message of dedication, love and (cleverly), a metamorphosis, just as it is for couples taking that step into a life where everything in their life comes into harmony as they join as one. “When we [have] harmony in our lives, we can achieve everything we dream” is sound truth from our interview and should be the single most reason you look to support this label for your wedding season’s fashions. Opt in for a nature-like destination story with an ultra-feminine, fully floral and flirtatiously elegant look for you and your maidens. Gentlemen, you will have to check out our articles for Men’s Mode while we share the perfect bespoke or custom grooms looks to compliment these stunning looks.

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