Paris Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2020 – Designer Highlights – ANTONIO GRIMALDI

Antonio Grimaldi S/S2020 Collection Paris Couture Fashion Week

Artfully presented at the Palais de la Decouverte Museum, Antonio Grimaldi’s Spring2020 Paris Haute Couture collection is the divine alignment between a woman’s soul, the goddess nature in her and the enchanting world surrounding her. A grandiose display of Italian artistry and mastery. The models moved with majestic poise and grace. The culmination of the museums intricate decor, delicately sparkled make-up and Grimaldi’s divine work that resulted in an absolute magnificent presentation.

Exclusive luxury textiles as double silk cady along with fabrics like mikado and taffetà moiré gave volume, body and character to the gowns. I found an imperial display of sophisticated drapery thanks to cuts and construction techniques typical of high-end fashion and Antonio Grimaldi’s signature avant-garde style. Silhouettes are dominated by an architectural edge, asymmetries and circular details that presented the models as statuesque pieces are art.


In Grimaldi’s concept the goddess creatures are the divine powers, protectors of the heavens, the woods, mountains and springs. The palette depicts the colors of this world in dreamy pastel shades: blue greens makes reference to water and its reflections; bright pink, white and silver recall the celestial atmosphere. Contrasted tones gradually become darker with dresses dominated by fine blacks to purple and metallic colors in lamé, platinum and rose gold as well as rich gold yellow, inspired by the world of deep woods and dark forests.

Embellishment include rich ostrich, pheasant and other feathers used frayed, painted, laser treated, lacquered and rubberized. A crowing decor over delicate lingerie and couture t-shirts were the use of crystals giving transparency and a watery crystalline effect. The looks were accessorized with mini belt bags for the arm and waist with applied feathers; black python and platinum crocodile bracelets and chokers with gold leaf for youthfulness and gaiety.


After the show, Antonio Grimaldi shared some profound perspectives on women and his design pursuits. “I love to dream and tell a story with my dresses”. However in order to effectively convey his work, much like many Italian artisans, “I need a soul”. Life to art, like many sculptures and museum artifacts, often share “there is something more”. Grimaldi understands undoubtedly the importance of the women representing his story give “emotion and sensation”. As I plan my wedding celebration, I would love guests at my wedding events to emanate enchantment as the ladies in my entire bridal party transform into glorious goddesses. My loved ones would talk about it for years to come. If you too want your wedding season to be luxurious, magical and memorable, consider elevating your fashion choices to couture looks from Antonio Grimaldi’s collection.


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