Paris Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2020 – Designer Highlights – RAHUL MISHRA

Designer - RAHUL MISHRA 'Home' Couture Collection Printemps/Eté 2020

A congratulatory acknowledgement is in order for Mr. Rahul Mishra for his first feature among the Haute Couture platform; a truly deserving accomplishment. The Spring-Summer 2020 collection is incredibly inspiring. The floral story paired with the fluidity of water creates a tropical oasis that is a divine wish of Mr. Mishra’s 4yr old daughter.

The models resemblance were of garden angels layered in chiffon, tulle, organza, silk blends, flowing leafy vines and 3-dimensional hand woven embroideries. A collection fit for the delicate nature, innate strength and intricate beauty of woman, a wife, a mother.

Warmly entitled ‘Home’ is a look into Mishra’s vivid perspective of a beautiful world where his daughter Aarna can live in. Personally confronted with and disrupted by the pollution in New Delhi, India is a cause for action and it is what has shaped Mishra’s approach to his collection this season. 

Here backstage after his presentation when I asked about diversity, culture and the customer, Mishra’s selection during the casting were his “dream personality”. “These women created life to these clothes and were most fit to wear them; not a single one was replaced”. He further describes his customer as “confident, decision-maker, a traveler yet not driven by trends”. He continues this woman is “strong-willed and sensitive; its the duality of her diversity that makes her really amazing. As a brand I am getting close to that lady who is really beautiful, might be a big boss but when she comes home, she takes care of her children, she is able to give a lot of love to her family, as well as other multi-tasking; quite impressive”.

This is a brand I would recommend with certainty. Brides-to-be, if Rahul Mishra’s brand philosophy resonates with you, consider elevating your fashion choices; displaying the strength, beauty and femininity of all the women in your entire wedding party. You would be supporting a company whose gowns are stunning and have a philanthropic intent behind it.

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