Upgrade Your Cleavage Game With The Upbra


Gone are the days when you have to stuff socks, tissue in your bra to give you a lift to your boob game…now you have the Upbra.

Ladies, I tell you, this is the answer to up your game;  these puppies work and they are comfortable.  With a pull of a string you get to control the depth of your cleavage.   So you may want to hold off on that surgery for a moment until you try these bras.

The Upbra is simple. Get your size, determine how much lift, cleavage you want and adjust while still getting support.

They come in various colors and sizes for your body size and skin tone. And you know all nudes are not one color fits all.   They have a pretty decent selection for us ladies to chose from.

So no need to worry about that low-cut dress, deep v-dress for  your beach wedding. You can slip these on and voilà, you are giving them the natural sexy…while giving you support.

Photographed by Paula Morandarte, hair and makeup by Melanie Harris.
Get you lift from Upbra


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