The Pivot: Staying afloat during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 I’ve consistently heard the word pivot in various webinars, posts, articles from various different businesses. What are you doing to pivot your business to make sure you come out the other side to that white light of success? Questions that many business including myself as an Event Producer is how do we stay relevant? What does that even mean? There has been a gamut of emotions during this time trying to figure out what is our next move to market ourselves? Have our clientele changed? What are our contingency plans for future catastrophic interruption of life and business?

As a small business owner in the world of events we have been severely affected by COVID-19. Celebrations and gatherings were the first to be affected with restrictions being placed around the world to limit human interaction so reduce the spread of the virus. Why do we celebrate? We come together to join in spreading happiness for the occasion of birth,for love and so much more. I’ve realized myself during this pandemic how much we desire and need human interaction for our own health and well being. To have that suddenly stripped away with no warning is a shock to the soul.

Connections. Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

What is the positive to having this enforced time of reflection? For myself and my business I’ve tried to focus on what I want to offer to my clients moving forward. I’ve worked on strengthening my skills, learning from other professionals in the business, attending various webinars to be informed about a plethora of topics ranging from business, finance, marketing, equity and more. I’ve definitely become more tech savvy with social media. Most of the events that were booked for early 2020 have been rescheduled to later this summer and fall of 2020. So keeping in touch with my clients and vendors to check and make sure everyone is ok and on track for when we see each other again in person. We recently taught a virtual Mother’s Day flower session on Zoom. Just to bring joy into our homes, even if as a momentary distraction from all the sadness. At the end of our session attendees were able to have a gift to give to their Mom or someone special that was handmade. It took me back to the nostalgia of being a child and taking time to make your Mom a special gift. Some of the best gifts come from the heart and what better way then made by you!

Mothers Day Flowers Photo Courtesy of Simply Nia Design

Everything has shifted to virtual presentations. As a bride how do you recover or pivot for your big day that you’ve been planning? Many couples have been having Zoom ceremonies where their guests join them from afar and they have the officiant and sometimes a photographer. You start to decipher whats important and everything leads back to LOVE. Good Morning America even helped couples many who were first responders whose wedding had been cancelled COVID-19 with virtual weddings. Another term that’s been floating around is Micro Weddings where couples have 50 or less guests. Creating a more intimate setting with those closest to the couple. The new facet to these intimate engagements is being respectful to social distancing practices allowing space for guests to feel comfortable with attending a “large gathering” while still keeping positive vibes and celebrating their love.

Micro Wedding Ceremony Photo by Alison Conklin

Will couples still have lavish wedding and events? I’m sure that people will but the level of consciousness has been brought to the forefront and I believe that people will be mindful of ensuring health and welfare of their guests. We need human interaction. Through all of the devastation that COVID-19 has brought; in my opinion I think people are much more appreciative of their loved ones and want o celebrate and enjoy them while they can.

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