Creating A Healthy Workout Routine With Morris Strength

After these past couple of weeks of being quarantined many of us have put on more than a few pounds. So now that many of us will be free to rove around the earth–within limits, we will have to get ready for the Summer weather and deal with the our health.

So we want to keep this really simple and give you some basic things you will need to do to get back into shape. And I am talking to the beginners like me.

Write It Down

Writing it down helps it to become real. Write it somewhere you will see every day and can’t escape the constant reminders.

I wouldn’t suggest writing it in a notebook you can easily misplace, or avoid. Get a big sheet of paper a chalkboard of some kind and put it in a prominent place that will make you see it every day and force you to take action.

Find a space in your home that will allow you to be able to stretch out and do your exercise safely and comfortably.

If you don’t have room inside your home feel free to do so outdoors, in a backyard, or a park. As the weather gets better you will want to go for walks and workout doors. Do so in a safe distance wearing your masks and bring lots of water.

Don’t worry about the equipment so much. Work with what you have, and set realistic goals for yourself. Do so safely, not pushing yourself to do more than you can.

Be mentally committed to it. That is the hardest part. We are so overwhelmed with the anxieties of life that somedays we will just want to stay in bed. That is when you will want to give yourself a little more push.

Be realistic with time and be consistent with it. But even that can be difficult. That is why it is is important you get a trainer or a partner that will push you when you want to give up.

If you don’t want to commit to a personal trainer, be sure to join a gym when it is safe to do so. Look at it as an investment. You are worth it.

See your primary physician, get a full report of your current health, develop a good eating habit. Gets lots of sleep. Listen to your body and stay safe.

World Bride Magazine wants you to be the best you can be.

My first workout session was difficult but I was determined.

Session two was even more painful, but I am committed. Working out can not only be a great stress reliever, but teach you discipline.
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