Why Settle When You Can Be A LOHO Bride: League Of Her Own Wants To Style You

Like most women, shopping for one’s wedding dress can bring out mixed emotions. One of joy, anxiety, frustration, bewilderedness, and utter confusion.

The one thing a woman should never feel during her dress shopping experience is rejection, or a sense that you are not valued, and important enough to get what you deserve.

But sad to say, all to often countless of women have felt this way when shopping for a dress for one of the most important day of her life, her wedding.

These past few months have been most challenging, to say the least. Dealing with a pandemic within a pandemic has brought out the worse, and best in many of us. But one thing for sure– after this things will never be the same again.. or at least it shouldn’t go back to the same old way of doing business.

We caught up with the fashion world’s darling Christy Baird, a stunning young woman who owns LOHO, League Of Her Own, a bridal boutique in Los Angeles, and San Francisco after one of her posts was discovered by my executive producer. He found it to be quite bold and definitely worthy of a conversation.

The statement was not only shocking but remarkable considering the current climate. Racial tension is running neck and neck with death, business is slow if not practically non-existence for so many around the country.

What would possess one to risk their means of earning a living on a public forum that often makes the mildest amongst us bold behind the veil of the electronic gadget that lies in the palm of one’s hand, without facing any physical harm.

Meet Christy Baird. Yep, this beautiful, outspoken woman took a bold stand and was prepared for the backlash that may come with it. But for her it was the right thing to do. So naturally we wanted to interview her and see if it was real. And it sure was. Check out our interviews. And after you do so get on a plane and go grab your dress.

So as you consider what frock you will wear in what promises to be an unforgettable day. Make sure that the vendors you choose, down to your dress each one of them respects you, your time, your money, and your very existence.

We no longer settle for mediocracy of any sort. As we navigate through this life all we want is some measure of love, beauty, peace, and prosperity. We want it for our friends, our family, and all those that we come into contact with the spirit of generosity and tranquility.

This beautiful oasis and all it presents itself to be is the kind of service you should expect from someone in business.

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