Naeem Khan One Of The World’s Most Celebrated Fashion Designer From India

So much beauty comes from India starting with rich colors, spies, beautiful natural textiles such as jute, cotton, cashmere wool, and buttons we enjoy.

It is also one of the places French designer Jacque Cartier traveled to in 1911 and met with India’s royalty, was in awe of the beautiful colored stones that were produced there.

The Mahārājas granted Cartier the opportunity to reset their precious gemstones into their modern jewelry pieces starting a love affair that produced what we know now as the Tutti Frutti.

That is not all that India produced– Naeem Khan is such a gem that has captured the heart and soul of those of us that love fashion. Khan came to America at the tender age of 19 with the intention of studying Western Fashion under the direction of the iconic designer Halston because of the working relationship his father had with the designer. Mr. Halston marveled by his experience hired him and there began his journey that would take him to the path of greatness beyond the legacy his family was already building.

I have personally been in the presence of Mr. Naeem Khan and have watched him engaged with the models, celebrities, seamstresses, and watch how passionate he is about his craft. Each piece that carries his name might as well have been sown by him directly.

As you our readers seek to find a gown that will be your most memorable attire for one of your precious moments, your wedding day, consider acquiring a piece that can be a celebration of East & West. Besides his ready-to-wear, he can also create something from his garden of beautiful fabrics that can very well come from his beautiful homeland India with rich fabrics and beadwork that he continues to send to support the Indian community.

While they have retailers for their main collections usually at stores like Mark Ingram and more, one of Naeem’s sons runs our private client business which is geared towards making custom and special request orders.  These orders are done in house (excluding the embroidery of course) but because of that, they are able to offer quicker deliveries for clients in need.  This isn’t to say that they have our own store (unfortunately) but they try to help their clients that need special/custom measurements, who have special lining needs or want an extra special piece get it immediately during these challenging times. To make an appointment, the contact is or you can call the mainline 212-575-1173 to request an appointment. Tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.

Check out our intimate conversation about all things dear to him such as his immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis when masks were in need. His bold voice about the need for diversity in the Fashion Industry on Page Six. And his commitment to helping his community.

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