We Got A LoveJones Gift For You And Your Bridal Party

There is an artistry to gift giving. No it is not about the cost of the product, but the value placed on the item selected you are gifting someone.

It sends a distinct message of how you truly feel about the person receiving the gift. How much effort you placed on the relationship you have with them or want to have with them.

This is not to be confused with corporate gifting. That is for another time. We are talking about gifting people in your wedding party. Gifting those attending your wedding. Gone are the days of simply buying unusable favors. In the words of David Anthony, The Wedding M.D, “do your guest a favor, no favors.”

We caught up with a dear friend, one of our lifestyle contributing editors, who is a man of style, and asked him what is he currently working on that could inspire the art of gifting, Mr. Rodney LoveJones and he had plenty to suggest.

LoveJones, brings us pure joy for countless reasons. Besides that fact that he is a world traveler and gets his inspiration from his many trips, (although he is been railroaded by COVID-19 like the rest of us) he never disappoints when he shared with us his latest collection of creatives that can be gifted to those we love. I am a proud recipient of several of his brilliant items.

The little tokens of love and warm words of affirmation written in T-shirts with some of our favorite icons can only bring joy to the recipients.

As you can see gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult or excessive but just meaningful and with thought of the person receiving it, a message that tells them you put your heart into it.

Meet our gift giving, art loving expert– Rodney LoveJones.

Giving shouldn’t be a stressful process. Make it as enjoyable as the person intend. World Bride Magazine wants every moment to count in our lives.

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