Healthier Me For A Better Us

Let this reign true for every We Wednesday reader. Whether born with siblings or as an only child we are all individuals. What we share in similarities perhaps even likeness is separate from how each person processes experiences and changes. The journey to become is specific to that soul. We can share in emotion and experience but the growth that needs to happen on an independent level is specific to that life path. Marriage shouldn’t cancel out this factor instead compliment it.

A partner that sees the intricate parts of us either hidden or lying dormant can be a catalyst to encourage or revitalize. Often you will hear marriage is 50/50. However, that equation still brings half of yourself . Take a new approach perhaps think about partnership in whole terms 100/100. If  each person brings 100% to the table then we meet at a whole marriage. Individuality should be encouraged. Imagine setting the atmosphere where your spouse has ownership of how they choose to delegate their time. That level of freedom requires maturity and honesty of the utmost between one another.

Think on this, marriage is entered into with the hope of forever. Forever is a long time, try thinking of yourself and having your individuality viewed as a threat to the union. This mindset will only help the couple to grow separately. What I know for sure is that we all continue to grow until death. If together is the true goal then know that self expression outside of doing everything together fosters ownership of each persons happiness. A happy partner is a happy life let that be the new normal. My father told me trust but verify, even the good book of faith says, test the spirits. So this week encourage your partner to have fun expressing his or her own individuality. Take mental notes of the new energy or attentions that come into the home. Let us know what great new changes have taken place within your relationship. We Wednesdays is a place where we share inspiring new perceptions so share your experiences with us.

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