Owning Professional Tools For The Perfect Manicure By Celebrity Manicurist Sashanie Grey

It brings me great pride to write this piece on a young woman I have come to respect as a human being, artists, and businesswoman, Sashanie Grey. Grey came to me as a manicurist during my time producing shows and leading manicuring teams during NYFW and Miami Fashion Week Swim. She was one of the best artists that worked under my direction and later leading my shows.

Sashanie Grey was completely in tune with the needs of her customers and committed to giving them quality services.

So it was not shock to me when she told me she had created her own line of products and was astute enough to launch it during the lockdown when no one could receive manicure & pedicure services.

During a time when human contact was limited to those within your household. No matter how bad you needed a manicure unless your manicurist was the relative that lived with you, no way were you going to be serviced. Her clients sought her out and some were probably willing to risk health to receive a service. She being the professional that she was immediately offered clients private sessions teaching them how to service themselves and quickly release the products that would enable her clients to care for their nails in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Sashanie continues to be available for private sessions when called upon, but she is also available for virtual coaching for DIY.

So I had the luxury of obtaining some of the beautiful steel products and they are well worth the investment. If you didn’t know a great manicure begins with the right tool and right professional.

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