Rules For Obtaining Your New York Nuptial License

It seems that COVID still strikes hot in New York. Businesses of all kinds are creating new ways to engage customers. Redirecting their clients to online services and virtual conferences is the new way to communicate amongst colleagues and customers. 

New York affectionately known as the city that never sleeps seems to be getting some much needed rest. With the city experiencing shut downs and restrictions for gatherings, wedding planners are looking for more creative ideas to give clients their dream nuptials. I had the privilege of attending a wedding Downtown Brooklyn at the pristine Bacchus restaurant, a delightful bistro. The location was so beautiful as they had an outdoor feature within the center of the restaurant. 

The guests list around twenty people including the bride and groom.The remainder of the guests were connected virtually in a zoom style setup but more luxurious. Once the I Do’s were stated the bride and groom were able to give their warmest thank you to those who conferenced in and attendees. The entire affair was beautifully orchestrated. I spoke with the bride, Tracey,  asked if she would redo her nuptials post COVID. Her response “Even though COVID changed everything, people are entitled to having their big blowout. I’ll reserve the big bash for the anniversary.” 

New York state recognizes that love will not be put on hold and has made some adjustments to accommodate these private weddings. Licenses are now being applied for via an easy application process on the website. Both parties must be in NY state on the live virtual conference with a representative from the office. The fee for the Marriage License is $35 and validates that license for 60 days. After such time the couple will need to obtain a new license for marriage if the ceremony has not been completed. Exceptions will be made for mitigating circumstances such as military personnel who are active duty. After 24 hours upon receipt of the license, let the ceremony begin. 

With all application processes these days, precautions are being taken to ensure safety for all parties. Therefore, the New York State Clerk will verify proper identification of the couple. No special test, blood or otherwise will be necessary for the process. As we continue to fight together during this time of pandemic, returning to normalcy we must remember to follow the guidelines for social distancing to keep our friends and family safe all while we celebrate the union of marriage and our love. Stay safe and distance while we keep moving forward closing out this year.

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