Celebrating Love: A Partnership in Provence

Photographer Lionel Rougerie

During uncertain times such as these, we cling to the ones we love most and take things day-by-day together. Whether it be over the phone or in person, these deeply shared bonds keep us connected and encouraged to take on the challenges that life brings. This was the lesson of love learned by French couple Florence Croizer & Sabrina Blanvillain as they tied the knot… twice.

Especially during difficult times, there’s just something special about looking into your spouse’s eyes, sharing a small smile, and remembering that everything is going to be alright because you’re together. Brides Florence & Sabrina remind us that it is still possible to find this love, even after loss.

Sabrina, an essential worker & Orléans native, was no stranger to putting her life on the line daily as a firewoman. When her women’s rugby team was sponsored by the village flower shop owner, Florence, the perfect match was made. After the passing of Florence’s first husband and her father, life seemed to leave her sad and without a partner. Sabrina, who had also lost her grandfather, knew all too well what this feeling was like.

Instead of remaining in their sadness, the couple made a conscious decision to take care of themselves & protect their choice of being together as two women in marriage. With the love and support of their families since day 1, the ladies shared an intimate wedding with just the two of them in beautiful Hawaii. On the north shore Oahu, they vowed to live their lives together to the fullest.

Loss has a way of teaching us how to value the things we still have, and as a result, each day is precious to this French couple. “Life is so important”, Florence shares. “We love each other. We trust each other. We never lie to each other, and we want to live the best life ever, since we’re both especially thankful to be here. Life is so important”.

After 2 years of wedded bliss, the couple invited their whole family to celebrate their love with the wedding of their dreams in Provence. Dressed in gowns by Gisele et Simone , the couple threw a party to remember, relying heavily on French industry professionals to orchestrate their big day. As cofounder of The Wedding District, florist & wedding designer bride Florence became the bridal expert for planning their big day and shared this advice with World Bride Magazine:

What was the most important thing to you about the process of planning the wedding ?
The process: I needed to organize everything, especially because I work in the wedding industry. All my partners who helped me had to be patient with me, and I’m so grateful for this. 

What does love mean to you?
Respect, live the moment, to have the same values, to share, and to think together. Be there for one another, to look at each other with a little smile, to know that we will be fine now …

What does family mean to you?
Roots, part of us. We both have the same way of thinking- we love our families so much, and we wanted to share our love with them.
They are not perfect, and neither are we 🙂 The love for family is a very important value to us.

What are 3 tips you want to share with our readers who are currently contemplating marriage or planning a wedding?
Take time to enjoy the wedding preparations! Planning for the big day is almost as important as the big day, so enjoy the process.
Take time to select good vendors with the help of professionals to ensure a peaceful wedding day.
Remember you will have so many emotions on this day, so open your eyes, your heart, and enjoy every second of it.


The brides are so thankful to their team that helped make their dream day a success:

Photographer: Lionel Rougerie 

Wedding planners: Florence Croizer, Joce Designer, Amandine Taravellier

Designer and florists: Les fleurs de Ninon, Joce Designer, LK Déco, zeste d’amour, fleurs do, bucolique by Marina 

Wedding cake and desserts: Make me a cake

Video: Jean Luc planât 

Music: DJ Rico

Caterer: Créa réception 

Officiant: A deux maintenant 

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