LFW – Teatum Jones SS19 Global Womanhood


Designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones describe themselves as two humans who design for humans. They have been previously inspired by the stories of women from different age and ethnic backgrounds. Through interviews, they came to understand the inherit emotions that connect women, and this came to be known as Global Womanhood.

Through human interactions such as these, Teatum Jones has continued their conversation around Global Womanhood into the Spring-Summer 2019 collection. The methodology behind this collection began with the interviews they had with activists, campaigners, and industry leaders. In a sense, they are designers who are motivated to start important conversations about the fashion industry, and they use their designs as a medium to communicate these messages. The designer-duo has chosen to place an importance on representing the voices that are not always heard.



I had the pleasure of attending the Teatum Jones’ Spring-Summer 2019 presentation during London Fashion Week. What I came to admire most about the designers is their willingness to hear and understand the opinions of others.



Alongside the presentation played a film, ROUND TABLE not RUNWAY. In this film, a group of activists and campaigners came together to discuss a topic often overlooked in the fashion industry. This film, on it’s own, has started an important conversation led by this one question: what is fashion’s responsibility and role in the protection, unification, inclusion and equality of women?



From their research, Teatum Jones unearthed ideas, concepts, and phrases that literally became a part of their designs. Powerful messages such as “ONLY LOVE” and “I OWN MY STORY” and “I DEFINE WHO I AM” represent the voices of those they interviewed. Sustainability was also a consistent theme. Evidenced by their use of recycled yarn to create eyelets and water bottles to create sequins.



Teatum Jones is truly a brand that wants to represent the human experience shared through real human stories. Their garments were beautifully crafted and made with all types of women in mind. From the vivid color choices to the bold prints and inspired messages, this is a collection rightfully made for a global woman.

The collection features maxi-length dresses and skirts, as well as wide-leg trousers. The vivid colors and bold prints are balanced by the modesty of each design. The style of each garment would be suitable for a range of figures, which makes this an ideal collection to choose from for a wedding attendee who has a boldness about herself. A personal favorite of mine is the single-sleeved, orange blazer styled over the midi-length dress – a look that says “I define who I am.”

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