Redefining Luxury Through the Eyes of an International Artist–Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Portrait RARE Library

When a man falls in love it is absolute. It often lies between insanity and obsession. I know that to be true from personal experiences. While others gallantly try to avoid it, but when they give in it is completely. The small token of that unexplainable emotion we call “love” is often with an item society deems to be precious—a diamond, a ring signifying a token of promise, of commitment to their eternal love.

So when a man designs a piece of jewelry that will be worn by his beloved, you pray it is everything you imagine it to be. So when we caught up with iconic man of style Waris Ahluwalia, we were over the moon to bring to you “some” of his pieces to the attention of our readers, whether they were brides preparing for their wedding day or the gentlemen readers who needed some assistance in selecting the right statement piece. We know we hit the jackpot.

You may know this iconic man of style in his various appearances in several movies, and maybe his legendary ad campaign with Gap. He is much more than meets the eyes. He is the epitome of the modern man, a combination of sleek, classic, and modern edge. There is no one like him, period. This Indian American designer built the House of Waris over the years by collaborating with various designers of the years. Now you brides can forever own a piece of Waris, by possessing a piece of Forevermark.


Waris Ahluwalia is driven by a deep and abiding desire to create products and experiences that captivate, transport, and shift perception. Working across the globe, and across disciplines, Waris exhibits an unwavering commitment to creating a more thoughtful way of living. Most recently, Waris launched HOUSE of WARIS RARE, a celebration of craftsmanship and the artisan. This devotion to craft is a chance to bring tradition into the modern age. The first iteration of RARE is a retail experience inside Venice’s historic Gritti Palace. “It’s not just aesthetics and objects we come across when we seek out craftsmanship – it is humanity – the foundation of my work.”

Occupation:  Designer & Actor
What inspired you for designing this jewelery collection?  The inspiration for all my work has always been love and history. But we must be clear, I never claim to understand either of those two. This is my search for a better understanding. How this manifests into the work is the exciting part—thoughts and feelings translated into the tangible—sometimes gold, sometimes diamonds, sometimes cashmere, sometimes film.


What is one piece of jewelry everyone should have?  Everyone should have a piece that is first and foremost very personal. A piece that means something to them, whatever that may be. That’s the only rule I follow.


What one piece of jewelry can a person gift to the one he loves from the collection?  My favorite pieces are from the Drop collection. I’ve always been drawn to this shape and I love the simplicity of the design. I particularly love the Drop earrings with the links. Elegance with a little bit of street edge.


From our collection for Forevermark (first three pieces).
‘Light Emanating from the Heart’ House of Waris for Forevermark


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