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Destination weddings involves more than just picking a location, sending out invites, and hoping everyone who rsvp’d shows up.  It requires  complete thoughtful planning.

The difference between planning a local wedding and a destination wedding are more than one may be able to out line in one article.  While planning your nuptials locally your primary concerns may be primarily only to find a venue that will accommodate your sense of style, your budget, and your guest count.  You may go as far as to also be concern about driving accommodation to and from the premisses; as well as parking on the grounds.

Local vendors in your hometown may prove to me more accessible for meetings, and repeated face to face meetings to make your feel comfortable with your choice of doing business with them.

But what a vast contrast when your wedding is not being held in a local surrounding with anyone you are familiar with.   What choices do you have to feel secure about the services you are going to receive?

You are totally at the mercy of  management, internet reviews and writers, such as magazines such as ours to be honest about the true experience of  the establishments.

Thus the reason why we at WBM take it very serious when we seek out venues, vendors, hotels, restaurants, caterers , florists, photographers, etc.  We realize that what we put in writing will in fact affect who you our readers choose to do business with in what will become one of your most important moments of your lives.

As we traveled back to one of our favorite states in the United States, California continues to have a warm spot in our hearts.  The state where the sun kisses your skin daily, and the view is magnificent from one region to the next. On this visit we decided to visit Rancho Santa Fe, this beautiful region totally impressed us with its rich history, and Mexican inspired architecture that remains part of its lifestyle.



















Our wedding location of choice would definitely have to be Rancho Valencia right in the heart of this town. The view before you even get to the grounds proves to be breath taking. You will realize during the ride to the property that you have left all your cares and  stress back at the airport, on the road, and no where near this divine property.

The grounds are perfectly manicured, the service begins at the parking lot.  Your car is valet from the moment you pull up.  The front desk is stationed through the courtyard of this brilliant piece of architecture, that was built with the intent of complimenting  the Mediterranean-inspired ground, that 30 million dollars was invested in to assure that your stay proved to be nothing but the best.  This five star resort makes promises that it has every intentions of keeping.

So after checking into my three bedroom suite with its private jacuzzi  full kitchen, bathroom in each room, and a chef  like kitchen, with a patio that clearly made you feel at home, I knew at that exact moment nothing would go wrong.  After dropping my bags in our suite, I walked the grounds to get familiar with my surroundings. and I was more then impressed.

The property is fully equipped with a full service spa, fitness center, yoga space, swimming pool, tennis court, and walking trail that will bring you total peace.  If  that wasn’t enough, the private areas for your wedding is one step short of perfection.  You have a choice of having your wedding in the outdoor space on the property or for a more larger group the ballroom space is more then suitable for absolutely pickiest client, and the most hard to please client.

This piece of paradise is not  only fit for a queen, but his royal highness will be more then pleased with the private room that will enchant him with is groomsmen. From The Pony Room, The Wine Room, to the Veladora nothing about this space will disappoint you.

The food is absolutely divine.  As you know we are sticklers for customer service, and Rancho Valencia food and beverage team did not disappoint us in that area.  We were more then pleased with our treatment and the menu and the list of  options for all our dinning needs.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you decide not drive in, Porsche has partnered with Rancho Valencia to provide you luxury at your finger tips.

Don’t fret they have a list of preferred vendors they work with that will make sure that your day is as perfect as you imagined it.   So after your day is completed and you just can’t imagine not being able to enjoy all of these amneties again, your are offered the opportunity to own a piece of paradise.

“Along with what may be the world’s most perfect climate, owners at Rancho Valencia enjoy a refined and quiet sensibility – the glamour of old Hollywood, the thrill of Del Mar racing, the simple pleasure of a picnic at the beach.  It’s an inviting place where families come together, friends are made and life is cherished.”

On a scale of  one to ten I give Rancho Valencia an 8 and 1/2 and a special thank you to the amazing staff who made this stay absolutely magnificent.


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