Support Local Businesses by Supporting NYC Restaurant Week 2021 To Go

NYC Restaurant Week is back—and it’s been reimagined so you can support the City while staying in this winter. Via an all-new takeout and delivery program, we’re bringing your favorite restaurants right to your living room.

If you are a foodie like we are at WBM you will not want to miss NYC Restaurant Week. With the difficult challenges the hospitality industry is facing, it is imperative that we do our part to keep our local businesses alive by supporting this annual program promoted by NYC Go & Company.

Why support Restaurant Week and how is it related to your wedding? Well with the constant changes in what we can and can NOT do as it relates to planning weddings during “the new normal” for many of you a restaurant may be one of the venue options for any upcoming nuptials. While CDC rules continue to be updated, be sure to keep up with your individual state’s rules for rules and regulations.

There are countless reasons I can think of for supporting your local restaurants on a daily bases well beyond New York Restaurant Week, besides breaking the monotony of the cooking routine we have been overwhelmed with for the past couple of months, it sure can be a fun week for us to try several new restaurants that we may have normally have thought were out of our reach.

One of my favorite formerly participating restaurants announced back in 2020 that it may be permanently closed, 21 Club. Let’s not let any more restaurants close if we can. I am sure you will be able to find something to in with the 571 participating restaurants. Support local businesses.

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