Matrimonial Affirmations

Neatly placed within the pastoral readings is a reminder of the covenant between man and woman. They read, therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. The major take away is the word one. Two people come together choosing to be unified in matrimony. That unity symbolizes the ultimate vow to be one in vision and principles.

In this season, where wellness and selfcare are at the forefront positive affirmations are at the top of everyone’s list. The notion is to speak over one’s self words of goodness and kindness that will manifest into the natural. This is known as the “I Am” factor a catalyst to increase positive thinking whilst acting as an aid in action taking. A self care formula that has been accepted by a vast majority of believers leaving no debate to its’ benefits. Reflection of this concept led me to think of matrimonial affirmations and the long lasting benefits that application should leave the same resounding effects. Over generations the ideas and makeup of marriage continue to evolve. The manner in which we approach union and partnership is different from our grandparents and parents. In our new evolving culture we embrace trying to new ideas and developments within our environments. A concept that will continue to envelope as the sun rises and sets welcoming the generations after us.

Before that graceful walk down the aisle every couple should make time to become one in overall vision for the marriage. Taking time to define the partnership to each other and examining critical areas that bring many through the courts of divorce. Not leaving out any additions like views on rearing children, potential hardships and basic principles.  Life is riddled with unannounced expectancies  but for the parts that are in our immediate control, let’s create a healthy system by which to govern. Marital affirmations can only strengthen the foundations reinforcing the vision.

Often times having these intense conversations come at the cost of fun, but there is a new wave of creativity and innovation hitting the mainstream market to wash that awkwardness away. A personal treat for our WeWednesday readers are new ways to break the monotony of the task. Developed by the Azonwus’, offers marital card games for all occasions. Stephanie Lord-Harman of offers 30 printable cards sure to be a fan favorite. Etsy offers many variations of marriage affirmation games. Try one or try them all and as always we’d love for you to share your experiences.  

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