Celebrate Spring with Flowers & Plants


Spring has always been my favorite time of the year.  It’s an optimistic season of renewal and after a long harsh pandemic winter the longer, warmer days beckon us.  Flowers offer immediate gratification and are the quickest way to bring spring into your home.

Spring’s daffodils, tulips, crocuses, hyacinths and more are starting to flower in abundance.  A bouquet of a single flower or several flowers in a similar hue creates a standout arrangement.  Choose a crystal, ceramic vase, or any vessel that can hold water and show off your florals.

Renowned florist Carolyne Roehm has artfully arranged daffodils in her collection of vintage 1960’s Wedgewood jasper-ware. Here’s an opportunity to build a collection of vases in the same pattern in different sizes to make an eye catching vignette.

A classic centerpiece by Rene Lalique is the 1927 Bacchantes crystal vase. This iconic design features the young princesses of Bacchus with their voluptuous beauty and curves. This is the perfect wedding gift to give or receive.

I’m a fan of grouping my arrangements be they florals or plants…the various pots and heights keep it interesting and informal.

Although we are not able to travel to Paris just yet, we can bring a piece of Paris to us in the form of a beautiful ceramic vase from my favorite store La Tuile à loup that specializes in the finest handmade tableware. They ship worldwide – info@latuilealoup.

When I’m looking for vintage pieces online my go-to is Chairish where I often score something super interesting. This beautiful Fontana Cartoccio vase designed by Pietro Chiesa from the 1990s is crafted with sensuous curves that flowers will just fall into naturally. An heirloom piece to enjoy forever.

So as things start to bloom, and open up outside. Flowers and plants make a wonderful accessory in the safety and comfort of your home.

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