Labor of Love – JEAN-RALPH THURIN – Bespoke Bridal Designer

Jean-Ralph Thurin Couture - Aly Kuler Photography

Artisan. Builder. Master draper, providing a canopy of beauty over his clients; is what defines Jean-Ralph Thurin.

A love from youth, fashion gripped Thurin’s attention on every occasion possible. From grandmother sewing, his pajamas to his parents’ choice wardrobe for a special event. There was an apparent dignity in dressing up and it created a standard that needed to be upheld; it awakened a talent to be nurtured. Jean-Ralph Thurin, a cultured New Yorker born to parents native to Haiti, purposefully pursued a career in Fashion Design. In the wake of injustices that divide people from genuinely accepting one another, talent and craft are too cast aside. Industries ignorantly, perhaps unethically, dismiss potential growth in their businesses when they ignore vessels of creativity simply because of ethnicity. Those who have experienced this have forfeit dreams while others press relentlessly not waiting for the social climate to change. Despite the barriers and lack of opportunity, Thurin’s professional philosophy is “focus, positive energy and passion”. “Enjoying the journey” is key to fulfilling ambitious desires that may have unforeseen challenges. Thurin lives this out and inspires the next generation creatives to “believe in you. Believe in your ability and don’t be afraid to go for it!“.

Joyfully enjoying his life, with his wife as his muse, he connects with his brides uniquely, attentively “listening to provide for them an unparalleled experience” foretelling the most memorable day of their lives. In his lovely home, he zooms with me as we exchange thoughts on current events. He warmly and humbly shares his passions, pursuits, and a little Haitian-Creole patois for us. 🙂

1. Please tell us the inspirational story that lead you into this business?
I was asked by my classmate while in college to make her wedding gown… this began the love affair with Bridal”.
2. Where you formally trained as a designer or was this a natural gift?
“It was a combination of both, I formally trained at the Parsons School of Design and have always loved Fashion”.
3. Who are some designers that inspired you to get into the fashion industry?
[These legendaries;] “Oscar De la Renta, Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera and Yves Saint Laurent.”
4. Why did you pick bridal to be the form of your creative expression?
“I really enjoy the journey I take with my brides from conception to the execution and end result.”
5. Describe your customer and what unique services do you provide for them?
“The JRT [Jean-Ralph Thurin] client is full of life! Self assured and definitely a bonafide fashionista. I’m here to listen to her, and provide that unique design experience.” 
Jean-Ralph Thurin Couture Bridal – Joey Rosado/IslandBoi Photography
6. What is your take on body diversity– why is that so important to you?
“I absolutely love women whom have embraced their shape as all women come in various shapes and sizes with one common goal; to look fabulous on their wedding day, and frankly that’s my job!”
Jean-Ralph Thurin Couture
7. In response to the global health crisis, how have you adjusted your business model/practice to respond to the current changes in the industry? How have the clients you service responded to these changes?
“Like every business we have adopted the practices of mandatory masks, [performing] temperature checks and have limited the amount of guest entering our salon. We also sanitize after every client [visit].” 
8. How have these adjustments made a positive impact on your business/clientele?
[Fortunately, there has been] “no issue at all with any of my clients.” 
9. As many have embraced social media platforms to market their product and inform consumers themselves, what kind of effect has this had on your type of business?
“Social media is definitely a way of instantly communicating with my brides and keeps them updated of our product lines.” 
10. In the future, do you see your business model completely changing as a result of this crisis or are you considering going back to a ‘traditional’ business practice?
“We have been able to adapt with the changes in our industry and also continue some traditional practices.”
Jean-Ralph Thurin Couture Bridal – Joey Rosado/IslandBoi Photography

Thurin is a thoroughbred amongst his class. He captured the attention of and dressed celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Deborah Cox, Courtney Lopez, Crystal Renay and more. Renowned magazines like Elle, Essence, Brides, The Knot, WWD, Glamour, Martha Stewart Weddings are just a few that esteem the work of Thurin. “My design philosophy [is] being able to inspire my brides to feel comfortable and confident, embracing their uniqueness, essence and beauty”.

Jean-Ralph Thurin Couture – Designer

It pleases me to recommend, with certainty, such a brand. Brides-to-be, if Jean-Ralph Thurin’s brand philosophy resonates with your core self; a stunning display of strength, beauty, femininity, and curves, then visit his virtual atelier or call to make an appointment. You would be supporting a company whose gowns are one of a kind and labored with love. WORLDBRIDEMAGAZINE is your destination for all special event needs. As your wedding concierge, we bring you vetted brands that offer a sophisticated product and service. Jean-Ralph Thurin’s Atelier is one of these services. Our in-depth interviews share knowledgeable perspectives of fine artists and their craftsmanship. Should you be in the season of planning a wedding or special event and want exclusive access to a spectacular selection of wedding specialists, visit to find out how. For more information on Jean-Ralph Thurin, please visit and be sure to mention WORLD BRIDE MAGAZINE.


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