At Home With Beverly Johnson

Beverly by her home pool photographed by Michael Letterlough Jr.

A loving home is the birthplace of a healthy community. Beverly Johnson; mom, grandmother, and an iconic figure in Fashion, Beauty, and Media, believes this principle. Beverly Johnson’s home is a blossoming haven and her desire to cultivate its beauty is ceaseless. It is no surprise the health crisis would ignite a global appreciation of the home in all of us. Our hearts were partnered when we realized, in conversation, the bedroom is our favorite place. This place of solace is peace to most and is the first place we go to to rejuvenate. Beverly agrees sharing, the bedroom is my sanctuary and I am my most beautiful in it”

As we spent time exchanging experiences, reflecting on this past year, rediscovering home, redefining comfort, reimagining beauty, and reprioritizing life, Beverly expressed we must collaborate on this journey. I could not agree more. Our Homelife and Style Collection would curate elite, sophisticated products and exclusive experiences for our global audience; as is the vision of The Beverly Johnson Luxurious Lifestyle Brand.

Photo by Michael Letterlough Jr.

Here, Beverly warmly shares the joy of her process and establishing her home, the balance of family and career, her love, and her timeless, world-class taste in the fine and the sophisticated.

Why did you choose to live in Palm Springs?

“I moved to Palm Springs when I fell in love with golf in Los Angeles.  My girlfriend suggested I check out the desert area for a private golf course.  So, I drove to the exquisitely beautiful La Quinta, stayed at their five-star resort, and joined the PGA West Golf at first sight. I bought my dream home in La Quinta.  It was the best decision I ever made, not only for my golfing passion but for the way I love to live my life, surrounded by beauty.”

Why is homeownership so important?

“Homeownership will be the largest avenue to accumulate wealth.  It is truly an asset. I acquired my first home comparatively late in life and went into purchasing my first home kicking and screaming. I was the kind of person who got great satisfaction from seeing big figures with lots of zeros in my bank accounts and portfolio.  It was a shell when I bought the house and through the dust, aggravation, and perseverance I built a home.  My smallest investment yielded twice the amount of the way I saw wealth.”

What are your favorite things that make a home?

“I have been blessed with an education of the finest people, places, and things of life.  I began at the age of eighteen to receive this enormous privilege of being introduced to and learning about the highest quality and tastes in clothing, homes, furniture, travel, skincare, makeup, men, women, art, and music. I loved learning, and becoming a professional model for me was a career that afforded me to be and exist in these elements. So, my favorite things are too numerous to list. Everywhere I look, everything I touch and use is beautiful and I am constantly evolving to make all things beautiful, physically and spiritually.”

Why is your bedroom your favorite room?

“My bedroom is where it all happens…where the love-making is…where the sleeping, dreaming, and slumbering takes place. The bedroom is my sanctuary and I am my most beautiful in our bedroom.”

Why choose to get married at home?

“I’ve been married twice – my first wedding was big and lavish on top of a skating rink in my hometown. For my second wedding, I was married at my parents’ modest home. Each marriage was brief…Brian and I have been together, cohabiting for almost a decade.  Our engagement present to each other was to take the big step of purchasing a home together.  Our home feels like a sacred place.  This is where we built and continue to build our love for each other. I want to speak our vows to each other in the most sacred space we both know – that would be our home. This is where our respective grandchildren visit to witness our love for each other as well as our deep love for them.  Brian was present for my grandbaby’s birth…papa Brian’s grandkids are my bonus grandkids.”

How do you balance being an introvert with such a big public life?

“Brian is an extrovert, and I am an introvert.  That balance is perfect for me.  Brian keeps me connected socially and I always appreciate it after the fact or event.  And, I ground that effervescent extrovert with our home where he has the stillness to dream even bigger. Our home is where I recharge and nourish the little girl Beverly, so I can go back out into the world and realize, enjoy and appreciate my big dreams.”

Why is it important to provide a lovely environment for one’s family?

“I provide a lovely environment for my family and friends because I feel it is a part of who I am.  To be invited into our home is to get to know who Beverly Johnson is.”

The Beverly Johnson Luxurious Lifestyle Collection shares attribute that are familiar to our WORLD BRIDE MAGAZINE readers; who are professional, values family, understands the dignity in work and practices financial stewardship. If you believe style is a way of living, and want your home to represent understated glamour, modern elegance, and endless joy for family and friends to experience, follow Beverly Johnson for updates at and be sure to mention WORLD BRIDE MAGAZINE.

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