How to turn a small, sit-down wedding dinner party into an awe-inspiring event

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A small, sit-down wedding dinner party is the dream for many couples, especially those who prefer a good conversation and an intimate atmosphere, rather than rushed speeches and hundreds of people.

Despite being a smaller gathering, it is still possible to turn the reception into an awe-inspiring event, and the following tips will help you achieve this.

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Go for glamour – Whether you are dining in an old palazzo or a barn, outside on a sandy beach or in a garden, turn the glamour up a notch. Hang chandeliers above the long table, drape the walls with billowing sheer white curtains, with dreamy fairy lights lit behind them, and use rich colors like gold or champagne to accessorize.

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Create a floral dream – When it’s a smaller gathering, it means you can give more attention and have a bigger budget for certain décor like the flowers. Since it’s only one table, the details need to be more striking and beautiful; take the time to find a professional florist who will create stunning centerpieces that will add to the dreamy atmosphere you are going for.

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Turn dinner into an old-world event – With a smaller reception, your guests can be showered with attention by the serving staff. Turn dinner into an old-world event by hiring a server for each guest to pull out the chairs for them as you all approach the table. Use cloches and have the waiters put on a show when serving each course and have them ensure that everyone is comfortable throughout the event.

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Make food a priority – The awe-inspiring comes through with the little details when it comes to a small gathering, and this goes for the food as well. Find a chef or a caterer whom you trust to deliver not only incredibly-tasting dishes, but also one who will deliver on presentation. Make it a gastronomical feast where guests will be surprised with every course.

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Turn dessert time into an event – Your guests will be sitting down for three, four or even five courses, so when it comes to dessert, lead them away from the table and heighten the anticipation in the process. Rather than serving one dessert, turn this course into a sugary feast by having the servers clear the table and then fill it with beautifully decorated cakes placed on glass stands and panna cotta served in crystal glasses with edible flowers.

You can have ice-cream cones made from scratch, which your guests can fill with homemade ice-cream and even serve a chocolate fountain to dip fruit in. Have the servers bring bottles of liquor — rum and whiskey, and champagne for those who love their sparkling drink, and watch your guests moving around the table, serving themselves under beautiful chandeliers, while having great conversations and a laugh.

It takes a special kind of couple to pull off an intimate wedding reception, but those who do so are often the ones who have their wedding imprinted on the memory of their guests years after the evening ends.



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