A Mind For Marriage

There is a mind necessary for marriage. Within both the groom and bride needed is a mind that is ready to conform in the ways of partnership, understanding, loyalty, and love. Making this type of mind a priority within self first then toward one another sets the stage for a healthy union. In it, we are able to set foundations that lead to a prosperous whole life.

We set the goal prior to the union or even courtship as our own individual vow. Keeping before us our commitment to personal growth. The mind that enters with a posture of me and my way voids any prospect to build a marriage that is fruitful able to endure.

The mind of both man and woman after having set foundational principles now can move into proper roles. What the woman does is separate from what the man is to do within the household those roles vary based on the couple. Foundational principles however they may have broken leave room for superficial matters to begin festering. Those wounds grow infectious and carry us right into divorce courts across the nation.

What do you believe about your mind in terms of marriage?

Let’s address conform in the ways of partnership, understanding, loyalty, and love. When we conform we are being molded and shaped into the best way for survival in an area. The acknowledgment to even begin conforming is wisdom. In wisdom, each person gains knowledge. Knowledge then becomes useful once we begin to understand how best to apply it. Partnership, understanding, loyalty, and love only become attributes from the conformation.

I hope you can see why it is necessary to prepare whilst single first. Mastery of this on an individual level is the hardest to accomplish. Imagine the feat while in marriage. Trying to juggle who you need to become while caring for your partner is a great strain. However, when we know better we can do better. This is the mind that should be in all of us, myself included. The work that accompanies this level of the process is not for the faint of heart.

Self-reflection requires a mirror and an open heart ready. If you will not commit to yourself on this level then how will you be ready to commit to the work it takes for a successful marriage. The goal is to make us aware so we can begin now, victory loves preparation. We grow wiser when we share so comment below your thoughts. 

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