The Celebration of Life

There comes a moment when all that is required is intent. For many managing life has always been filled with constructed dreams that often craft false reality. This tactic of living in our potential will hinder any progress of actualizing the versions of ourself that is most desired. The celebration of life can not be done without dancing through love, envy, shame, failed attempts or stunted potential. As the narrator, the constructed dreams feel great in the moments they are alive. This developing from childhood was a survival method to protect the mind and heart. Not being only unhealthy but it hinders the growth in maturing the heart and mind. Step outside of what seems comfortable into that uncomfortable place and allow for the unexpected. Instinctually relationship with God strengthens as we walk blinded into our gift. Relying on Him does not mean to wait on the sideline and into an early grave of regret.  Instead it is a subtle reminder that dreams will be just that if there is no risk, nor delay. Be emboldened step forward into the life that you want to be apart of. Do your very best to prepare then put one foot in front the other.  

Life’s celebration begins there because for the first time in life we are willing to be vulnerable with not only ourselves but the process it takes to get there. Vulnerability is the soil necessary for living authentically. It cultivates the best environment necessary for the best version of ourself that we are committed to become. Love is no different. Love for relationships with ourself,  our businesses, our life require the same level  of response to break from being dreamers to doers. We don’t begin to celebrate when we reach the reward but whilst on our way to the place enjoy each victory of development. All of it being necessary sculpting — who you are to become. Share and comment below. 

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