The Dream Catchers and Dream Makers

Your vendors’ list sets the tone for the type of wedding or event you are planning. You may ask, why would I suggest something so simple? The reality is your vendors have services or products that will either create the atmosphere your client is expecting or not. Please keep in mind, your vendors must represent you and your organization from start to finish. 

Think of it this way; if you are in search of services and products that represent luxury and elegance as you expect from Harrod’s, Neiman Marcus, or Bergdorf Goodman; your vendors must represent your standards. Period. Now, please do not take this out of context, but the expectation of the two aforementioned brands are not in competition with Macy’s or J.C. Penny. Now, please note we are not throwing shade – just being honest about price points and levels of quality.  These companies are all giants in their own rights, however, it’s very clear that their presentations, clientele, and guests have very different ways of delivering products and quality that you have come to expect.

Please don’t mistake simplicity with cheap–they are not the same thing. Everything has a price tag. Whether it is paid monetarily or with your precious time. There is value to the things we truly want and your wedding memories are number one on the list.  People may not remember if they had the chicken or the fish, but they will remember if they had a wonderful experience and if the food was scrumptious and delectable.  We have seen quite a lot of the most elegant productions, and events created by the world’s most brilliant artists; using what we would deem simple. However,  what brought the production to life was the creator’s ability to curate and, produce the most elegantly designed, flawless production that will forever set the standard for your guests.

It is critical that the designers, team members, and other brilliant artists are capable of executing his or her vision for you the client.  That is a boss; and that is how I would describe Marc Wilson, the founder of The Style Marc. An event coordinator, a seasoned veteran of the wedding industry for the past 20 years.  Marc Wilson has humbly credited the likes of Preston Bailey for his creative growth and he feels compelled to give back to the next creatives of the industry. He also makes it his point to invite countless professionals to collaborate and create magic. As a board member of The National Society of Black Wedding and Events Professionals, he is passionate about promoting elite wedding professionals in the luxury space.

All the rentals were from Broadway Party Rental
All the flowers from Associated Cut Flowers
Schuyler Polk of Polk Paper did the Menu cards with each guest’s name.

So it was not a surprise when we received the invitation to be his special guest at a private dinner at the new Harlem event space– Pickney Lane, owned by sisters Juliet and Justine Masters.  Celebrated for their already successful establishment The Edge Harlem the cool hotspot in New York City we knew we were in for a wonderful evening.

The elegantly designed location was minimally furnished, with the focus on the table setting where we would be seated.  No distractions.  The star was definitely going to be the cuisine and the decor, as well as the carefully selected guests in attendance.

The Prestigious Guests of Honor

Ron Hansford Owner Ron Hansford Design, Nsombi Woodson owner The Woodson bloomery, Anais Disla Director Special Events Lucas Museum of Narrative Art LA California, Saundra Parks Owner – Red Maple Leaf floral, Acute Inflections – Owners Elasea & Sadiki, Schuyler Polk Owner of Polk Paper,  Yemi Osunkoya — founder of Kosibah, Christine Ferguson Owner of Sugar Rose Events, and Parris Whittingham Owner From Parris With Love  Wedding Photography. This elite group of professionals celebrated one another as wedding professionals who were totally impressive,  enjoyable and made the evening an exceptional experience.

The ambiance was perfect, the invitation was beautifully designed all of which prepared us for a colorful and extraordinary event.

Marc, Justine, and Juliet worked together to prepare a beautiful reception which started off with wonderful spirits. The meal– was simple and the presentation was absolutely gorgeous. The finale’ was an exquisite dessert. Our hosts sent us all home with a beautifully-prepared to-go bag. Frankly, the night was magnificent.

Remember, as you gather your thoughts and begin to research vendors, we encourage you to visit each of these wonderful creatives’ websites and become more familiar with their businesses, and know that you will be in good hands working with each and every one of them. Also, it is imperative that you keep in mind that the goal is to gather a group of artists that will capture your love, tell it to others not present, remind those present of the great honor of witnessing your love–and most of all remind you and your beloved why this day was so important for you to share with people you love now and forever.

* Special thank you to celebrated photographer Shawn Punch though not shown in these photo’s captured every moment of joy we all shared. For more of his work please contact us for more information.

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