Be Generous and Do Good

As simple as it sounds is as simple as it is. The underlying gift we receive when we just are generous and do good to one another is the compounding interest. Yes! There is compounding interest returned to us tenfold when having this nature.

Just like that when we least expect it we walk right into so many blessings. The forms vary but general kindness as we travel through the day greets us. It can return in a variety of ways like love from a charming beautiful man or woman complimenting our very nature. We get back what we put out and I am not sure about you but generosity and goodness are two interest payments I want to receive daily.

We all could use more and more of it. The superficial things do not matter and I believe that in this present day we have all seen why in our own personal lives and in the lives of those around us. More specifically, between you and your beloved. So, why not pay forward random acts of kindness? Do you remember when you allowed someone to get in front of you while on the line or driving? Then randomly somewhere someone else showed you the same kindness. This was not a coincidence the power of your kindness returned to you in interest.

My motto is trust but verify. Try for yourself with random acts of genuine kindness and see what happens. I hope that your kindness is returned to you in romantic love, rekindled healthy relationships, a jump in the line or at a gas station, a free coffee, or even just a smile for your day. It’s all interest and we all need a little extra not just in our wallets but in our hearts.

Just remember no matter how long it will take your generosity and kindness are circling this big world making deposits all over it for your expected arrival. So let us not lose heart when we pay kindness to one another. Let us be unrelenting and see what comes out in the end. It’s all practiced faith. The more we indulge this behavior the more we build our faith which is the fuel we have to power through the days ahead conquering fears and dreams. Faith that helps us with the courage to say hi to the neighbor down the block who has caught your very eyes. Perhaps the woman at the coffee shop who carries a smile in her walk as she passes by. These two never return void but always seem to make its’ way back to us just in enough time for our edification and motivations. The relationship we have with ourselves first is most important because it sends out the signal that we are ready and open to receive all kinds of wonderful gifts. As always we love to hear your experiences comment below we grow stronger and wiser when we share.

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