Global Fashion Collective Shows The American Market What Diversity & Inclusion Should Look Like

If you just focused on just these past few days in the world of fashion the world seems to be back to normal with a few modifications: Showing proof of vaccination and wearing masks in major group settings.

So you can look at things one of a few ways–question whether or not we are in a pandemic, or get inspired and see how life is moving forward and take notes on how you can successfully host group soirees responsibly for your upcoming weddings.

National Bridal Market Chicago, New York Fashion Week, and The MET Gala are the biggest events for fashion and usher in hundreds of people from participants to spectators.

World Bride Magazine has your access and we are not only taking you front and center but backstage– your backroom is as important as the final product.

We saw a lot of diversity across the board on all these platforms. That brought a big smile to our faces. But we wanted to know what was involved in these productions and find out how authentic these showy displays of diversity was really going. We caught up with the founder of Global Fashion Collective founder Jamal Abdourahman. Abdourahman has made it his life-work mission while traveling the world to keep his eyes open to some of the most unsung fashion visionaries around the world. Although based in Vancouver Canada, he claims the world as his home and has set no limits to what the future will bring to him and his company.

The mission of Global Fashion Collective is to put on exclusive runway showcases in fashion capitals around the world to promote the work of emerging designers and bring about a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Abdourahman’s goal is to have all the fashion capitals around the world as his oyster- London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo will be targeted to create a clear expansive network. Emphasis on other fashion weeks to be looked at in the future.

Now entering its 20th year and 30th season, Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest growing fashion week production in the world – creating a stage for talented local and international designers to reach global markets, fashion media, and industry buyers. Vancouver Fashion Week has served as the gateway to designers who can’t show in the big events such as London, Paris, Milan, and New York, and has helped launch many talents. 

While here in America we have just started to shift things and become more inclusive by showing a diverse range of models of all ethnic backgrounds. This for Jamal is a sense of social responsibility to unite us all with the mission of Global Fashion Collective. With his shows listed on the CFDA’s calendar, he acclimated himself within the well-oiled machine of NYFW, hired some of the most celebrated figures in the PR fashion game, and crushed it.

As you know WBM showcases all aspects of weddings from engagement and beyond. We have culminated a list of favorites for a variety of occasions that we feel will keep you looking fashionably Haute for every occasion you are looking to strut through like the supermodel you will always be.

The Sisters of Ay Lelum are ready to dress you for your best friend’s wedding or date night as far as we are concerned. They made modesty look so sexy and fashion-forward while honoring their heritage.

Irene de la Vega told old girls can have fun and look smashing while doing so…

Now if you are looking to make a powerful statement BLUETAMBURIN is just the pieces you need to make heads turn. All the way from Korea, this collection is boldly impressive combining what I interpret as classic looks for today’s statement makers.

So as you look to boldly make your appearance at any upcoming soirees check out our recommended designers from the great show at Global Fashion Collective. We will be following the new icons that will be finding their way into your closet.

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