When Diving For Pearls

An African proverb says, there are no pearls on the seashore we must dive to find them. The same is true to have a relationship. No matter if with self or others every human connection requires that we take an active approach in learning from or about one another. The union of marriage is no different. In all actuality its’ requirements, written in fine print of course, needs both parties to take an active part. The value in “diving” facilitates learning and understanding of how each person is growing individually and as a unit. The best parts of us are hidden not purposely in most cases.

Gems that are most sought out require excavation, a little digging. We do this by giving our partner a safe space allowing for vulnerability to expose itself. The goal is to build trust with our partners and helps in gaining access to the most sensitive areas of our beings. Walls start to break down, thoughts and emotions are then shared. We as receivers then have the opportunity to listen, perhaps suggest or help our partner explore, grow or just vent. In these moments trust, most importantly a friendship and with that the pearl begins to reveal itself.

Diving in the practical sense needs soft subtle breeches that show in our every day encounters. Staying present in the moments shared will let the other know they have your full attention. This beautiful gesture is noted within the mind and heart of the receiver as trust credit. There is no set time when building trust it is a process. Ensure that you are being patient with yourself and your partner. It takes forever to build and seconds to lose so just enjoy the moments. As we establish trust we are expressing love and respect for the other. Both love and respect are equally different in meaning. Love is a feeling that is governed by affections but respect is despite how we feel and resting solely on honor. How we honor those whom we love is the only safe tool that we should use in diving for pearls.

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