Saying I Do In The Hamptons

Let’s face it, when many hear the very mention of “The Hamptons”, there is a perception that it is made for the well-to-do and upper echelons.

The cost of homes is well up there. For some, it may be their second home, while for many it is their main home year-round. Wherever you fall, nonetheless it is still your sanctuary–from the beaches, the shopping, cultural activities, wine, and dining are all experiences that are definitely served on a silver platter out there.

Our go-to real estate person Jenny Landey, is most certainly our guide through the Hamptons. She and her colleagues have definitely assisted us in the past on ways we can invest in our future and build a legacy that can become generational wealth for our loved ones. Check out our past conversation with Jenny and Zacheriah Dayton.

This Summer we got a chance to visit South Hampton and see how some chose to get married out there. We had the wonderful opportunity to engage with one of our favorite designers, in his atelier–Mark Ingram. Yes, Mark Ingram Atelier whom we have come to love from his exquisite space in the heart of Manhattan–Park Avenue to be specific, made South Hamptons his home this past Summer.

We had the opportunity to converse with him to discuss how weddings take place in the beautiful beachy region and he simply told us that while there are beautiful places for couples to get married, some chose to do it in their beautiful homes and estates. The grounds are definitely groomed to host such a special occasion. And under the circumstances that changed all our lives in 2020 and spilled over in 2021, precautions are still being taken, but people are living and enjoying themselves and celebrating love, life, and family with greater appreciation.

While many of us may not have chosen to travel too far from our homes this past Summer–we still wanted to experience the beaches, and explore various activities in our own backyards. For us at World Bride Magazine, New York is our backyard and there is so much for us to do that is either a short drive away, train, or a bus ride away.

Traveling does not necessarily need to be complicated. It just has to be well planned and some research is done to show some of the activities that the visiting location can offer its visitors.

We took the liberty to offer you some spots to consider visiting while in South Hampton.

Southhampton Art Center

Southhampton Inn

There were countless galleries, shops, eateries, and cultural activities that take place on the strip of Jobs Lane. That alone is worth visiting the Hamptons for. There are numerous amounts of Bed & Breakfast, Airbnb, VRBO, rentals that are available for a wonderful stay, you must plan early. But we don’t want to forget about the beautiful hotels and inns in the area that are ready to accommodate your weekend getaways and other excursions.

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