Paris Haute Couture Gives You A Reason To Dress

Pictures Credits for ZIAD NAKAD : Mohammad Seif

Paris any time of the year is special. But Paris Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture to be specific is epic.

Women don’t need a reason to dress, we either wake up feeling fabulous or want to look fabulous and sifting through our closets is definitely a pastime sport and some of us are professionals at it–literally.

Although we weren’t able to go to Paris physically this time once again due to the condition of the world–we by no means feel fashion shouldn’t be newsworthy. Afterall we need something to cheer us up. The artistry, the beauty, the fantasy of it all simply makes us happy. And who doesn’t want to be happy.

Ziad Nakad has given us countless reasons to dream, fantasize and a strong designer to get up and want to get dressed, through the most fabulous soirees known to man. His collection is so spectacular, not even Miss Astor herself would find flaw in our attire–she may loath us due to envy but we will own the room wearing a Ziad Nakad.

So whether you are early watching the highly anticipated The Gilded Age or simply waiting for your wedding, your best friends, wedding or daughters you will leave them all speechless in your frock.

So it brings us great pleasure to present–Paris Haute Couture.

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