The Scents That Trigger Memories by Arzo Anwar

Every fragrance, body oil, room diffuser triggers some sort of memory for me. A happy memory of course. After doing some research and speaking to some experts I found out that is very normal.

So as we continue with our Mindful, Spiritual, and Healthy Mondays, we were excited to be interviewing Arzo Anwar. Arzo is currently in one of my favorite spaces–fragrance, scents, and beautiful home goods. She created some of the most exquisite candles, body balms, room diffusers, “m’ist” you want to get your hands on.

Since we have been restrict to our homes for the past two years, with slow and sometimes inconsistent rules we have learned to make the best of the circumstances and created our own oasis within our homes, no matter the size and whereabouts.

We want tranquillity and peace at all cost. Our gift of scent can trigger so many different emotions. So why not control the emotion you want to have by choosing your scent.

Arzo conversed with us and shared some of the reasons behind creating her spectacular company after decades in the fashion industry. I am honored she made time for us during her heavy shipping season.

So if you are in the gifting season, please visit her website and become a subscriber. And tell her World Bride Magazine sent you.

They not only make great gifts, but they are great to travel with.

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