Dazzling Shoe Brands You Should Know For Your Bridal Look

Shoes complete the look, but to some women, shoes ARE the look. I was that person who opted for a simple cocktail dress with striking pair of Manolo Blahniks for my wedding.

Shoes complete the look, but to some women, shoes ARE the look. I was that person who opted for a simple cocktail dress with a striking pair of Manolo Blahniks for my wedding. Forget the princess ball gown, I went for Cinderella’s shoes. The shoe you choose for your wedding holds as much significance as the dress even for those who go long with a dress that covers the feet. Wearing a bright red shoe for your wedding has become a symbolic act of rebellion for brides. Some women may go with engineer boots under their gown to express who they are. Shoes are definitely significant decision in your bridal look and a place to be creative and individual. We’ve outlined a few shoe brands, some just out of the gate, that are worth looking into.

Maguire Shoes

Maguire is a new shoe brand founded by sisters Myriam and Romy with the idea of stirring up the stagnant industry with a new way of imagining shoes. It’s unclear exactly how they are making those changes except they have a young, hip take on footwear.

They launched in 2016 with a direct to consumer model. In June they are opening a New York boutique—the first one in the USA ( they have 2 other stores in Montreal and Toronto where they are based).

The shoes have a Gen Z youthful vibe with chunky heels and zig-zag straps and baby ruffles which are their signature detailing


Badgley Mischka

The design team of Badgley MIschka knows a thing or 2 about glamour. They’ve been in the fashion and bridal business for over 20 years infusing their collection with Hollywood glam and glitz. This season they focused on pearls to bejewel their bridal and special occasion shoes along with satin, clear lucite, fabric bows and and lace—very feminine touches. They have a variety of heel height for literally everyone who like their feet to be as fab as the rest of their look. You won’t be disappointed with their selection of styles to complete your bridal look and the retail price for these foot jewel boxes are reasonable.



Alfredo Piferi is the designer and founder of the new luxury shoe brand Piferi. The London based vegan leather shoes are are make in Italy where many luxury shoes are manufactured and created but it’s rare to see vegan leather with the Made in Italy stamp. The star of this bridal capsule collection is a satin sandal with removable crocheted harness—you get 2 looks with this one. The heels have the signature slant which makes them distinctive. Keep an eye out for this brand—it’s definitely one to watch.

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