Crazy Thing Called Love– Welcome To Paradise at Conrad Punta de Mita

Ladies, I am going to take the liberty to ask you to share this article with your future husbands. This article is going to invite your man to step up his game and help you plan the wedding. Yes, we want him to be just as involved with the wedding day plans as he will be for the future of both your lives after the wedding day. You will thank me.

Gentlemen, it’s a special thing when you meet the one you love, butterflies kick in, your heart paces at an abnormal speed and everything else that comes with it. But When marrying the person you love, there’s will be all variety of emotions and then some. For the sake of this article we are going to ask you to consider having a destination wedding. When picking a destination for one’s wedding and honeymoon it can be tricky. But look no further because we have the perfect place for you to do all in one.

Conrad Punta de Mita resort is a place in Mexico that is like no other. Upon walking into the resort you are greeted by the staff’s concierge who greets you in the kindest manner and takes your bags before you can even say hello. You’re then taken to the front desk to check in and as you take in the beautifully design space that is the lobby. It will knock you off your feet with just the views from every direction. Can I remind you that you’re still in the lobby? As you finish with check in, you’re then given a complimentary drink to start your trip. You are then driven to your room and this marks the start of an amazing trip.

In for a treat

Conrad Punta de Mita rooms are designed  to make your stay as comfortable and homey as possible, so comfortable that you may never want to leave. If you have a choice of rooms to stay, even the basic rooms have a breathtaking view of Punta Mita mountain that you will love its endlessly beauty.

But if we’re talking about honeymoon purposes or you just want to treat yourself to luxury  then the rooms by the beach is what you want. Two bathrooms, one spacious bedroom with a living room to have your friends in your room for a comfortable time and to top it off a spacious size jacuzzi on the patio, you may not even want to leave your room. One thing Conrad Punta de Mita specializes in is their selection of tasty cuisine. You have your selection of the traditional breakfast and dinner options that the chefs have mastered, but you’re in Mexico so why not spice it up with fine Mexican dishes that are finger licking good.

Amongst the basic necessities that your local hotel has, Conrad Punta de Mita has multiple pools you can swim in also with small kids slides that will undoubtedly keep your children busy for hours, that’s if you are traveling with children. They have a sizable gym room for those that take vacations from everything but exercise. And one of my favorite things I had the pleasure of experiencing while there was the spa. Filled with a relaxing jacuzzi and sauna room Punta de Mita masseuses are heaven sent. I recommend a one hour session. In that hour the masseuse takes care of you like you are a precious jewel, and relaxes you even more than you already were. The massage takes place outdoors but under a beautiful cool tent.

Now getting to the reason you may be there, which may be to plan your wedding or wedding anniversary celebration, Conrad Punta de Mita has a dynamic ballroom set to fit over 500 guests comfortably in its 10,000 square foot room serving 1,000 cocktails and did I mention it’s the largest ballroom in the region? This is a ballroom you will remember for the rest of your life because it’s just that beautiful.

In closing I cannot wrap this article up without mentioning the most important most memorable part of my stay. The service. Without a doubt this is by far the most well taken care of you will feel by the kindest group of beautiful people I’ve come across. Everyone takes pride in what they do, and makes sure you are more than satisfied. Their concern for your well being and just seeing that you enjoy every moment of your stay reaches the heart and beyond and is something I will always cherish and got to experience. So what are you waiting for, your next getaway trip, honeymoon or even your wedding needs to be at Conrad Punta de Mita, have some fun for me. Tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.

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