Planning Your Own Wedding?

The health crisis brought on a global reform that has marked us forever. Our career practice changed; our health habits were re-prioritized; our relationships took tolls that either taxed us or brought about gains. As a wife and mother of 2 littles, I experienced a transformation in all of the above. Globally, the area of finance is where families became more frugal if they weren’t already.

On one side, economists were encouraging families to save and buy with caution. The working class all worked from home as our employers directed. Health organizations provided guidelines on how to essentially survive the inexorable crisis. 

Alternatively, people didn’t wait around for advice or guidance; they simply took matters into their own hands. We made singular decisions about health. We invested in crypto currency. We turned our homes into WeWork spaces. We became the DIY population that inundated the internet on every subject imaginable. In the most demanding areas of life, we made real quality of life choices that made us our very own influencers. 

Similarly, relationships and their processes experienced trials that either resulted in deep unity or a wokeness to better. Moreover, we all read the stories about the perseverance of love amongst couples who couldn’t let a health crisis come between their nuptials. Typically, an event planner would be the partner that brings the couples dreams to life while taking on matters that the average individual lacks the expertise and the capacity to fulfill.

As we know it, couples-to-be have become brave enough to take creative control and embark on the wedding planning process themselves. World Bride Magazine called upon three unique special event service businesses to hear what their take is on, post covid, couples-to-be planning and executing their own wedding. We stand with them and promote them as a creative resource. We see them as “visionaries” who hold an arial view on the individual needs of every client that is looking to join their lives together. The attributable specialty are the diverse ethnic backgrounds coupled with expertise in event planning. Jewish, Christian Latino and African not only brings a confident approach to families of similar ethnicity but gives right to support fellow cultures and nationalities.

Let’s begin with Nia Mozee of A boutique interior designer at heart, since 2011, who takes any space and transforms it into a place of timeless comfort. She includes impeccable specialty floral arrangements that bring enchantment to the client’s environment. Nia Mozee approaches “every event with a purpose. Merging our clients’ wants and needs into awe-inspired moments that they will have to share forever”.
“People want to focus on the smaller moments in their weddings that mean more to them. Family is becoming more and more important, as it should be, so it’s definitely family centered. People want to have a creative outlet. The buzz word during COVID was “Pivot.” I think that many people who may have been interested in the world of weddings and events want to try their hand at wedding planning and florals. What better way than to create your own, making it even more special. With Tik-Tok, Youtube and DIYers and the overload of information on the internet, many event pros including myself are giving tips, tricks and unveiling what it takes to produce high-end events. Couples feel like they can attain the same look for less. I believe in collaborating with my couples so that they feel like they were listened to and their wants and needs are showcased through my design style.

Simply Nia Designs Floral Decor

“This gives me and my team an opportunity to sit with the couple to hear their expectations for their wedding day and create a thorough plan on how to make that happen. We introduce ourselves to vendors and become familiar with the venue so that we are not surprised about anything on event day. I love an independent couple that has ideas, input and vision, but there is a point where you have to let go and trust the professional. We ensure that you actually enjoy your wedding day. If you have to run around and plan and get all the details, logistic together it takes the enjoyment out of the entire experience. We love what we do and we want to take the weight off your shoulders.”

Simply Nia Event Services – African Weddings

Next we have Enrique Rivera of A forerunner in the Miami special event marketplace. Isen Events is a full service business providing local and destination planning, catering and travel, private and corporate entertainment services. Enrique Rivera uniquely offers bridal and special occasion apparel design services so clients get all their needs met from one professional service. Here’s Enrique’s perspective on the matter: “More and more young and, of course, inexperienced couples are hunted in the process of planning a wedding. Oftentimes, they are encouraged by family and friends to plan their own wedding themselves, as they believe this will save them a substantial amount of money. This is very far from the truth . Future couples need to be guided in many aspects and need to listen to those who have experience in wedding and event planning. I understand that some clients may see us as an unnecessary expense, but in reality we are the tools that help them maximize their budget. Hiring a wedding planner will also allow the bride and groom to truly enjoy the event.

Enrique Rivera of ISEN Special Occasion & Event Planning & Catering Services

“Planners don’t just do weddings, we plan all kinds of events. But the reality is that this independence of brides to plan their own wedding has taken us by surprise. But in the end, many of them come to the office desperate because they are on the verge of a panic attack and I have experienced this firsthand. It is a good exercise for brides to try to plan their wedding by listening to the opinion of their mother, father, aunt, cousin, mother-in-law, father-in-law and, perhaps, the groom. Every time a bride plans her own wedding, 3 brides knock on my door requesting my services, all with the same excuse; “My friend planned her wedding and she was on the verge of going crazy…, it was a total disaster.” So you draw some wisdom from this; we are not an expense, we are a necessity. We divert stress, problems and any situations that might arise before, during and after the wedding. Personally, all my girlfriends have told me that the best idea they had was to hire a planner. They truly enjoyed their wedding without the worries associated with it”.

Another thoughtful view on couples planning their own weddings comes from Chaya Bromberg of Kaya Designs takes a personal and spiritual approach to the events conceived alongside clients, including their personalities in the plans. Since her business is split between event design and interiors, she takes pride in elevating both the life events and the living spaces of her clients. Chaya weighs in with this quote: “[I am] a huge proponent of using the wedding planning process to help build couples’ own relationships. People who plan their own weddings don’t bring the experience or relationships with vendors that a planner contributes.” Additionally, Chaya likes to say that her sense of humor, insight into the flow of the event’s timeline and her creativity with all budgets sets her apart. “I can help a couple compromise their idea of what their magical day is and creatively infuse both partner’s visions into the final event.” Their wedding day gets to be about them, both in the guests’ impressions of the day, and in the couple’s own joy in seeing themselves reflected in the design and execution of the day.” Chaya is right; it would be challenging to achieve this while wearing all the hats. One would forfeit the joy in watching everything unfold before the special day. Chaya closes; “I have always had a knack for finding ways of expressing who my clients are through the design and flow of the event. It’s my day as much as it is theirs and I take personal ownership and responsibility to be sure that the day reflects the best possible vision for the couple.”

Inspired Jewish Weddings

We have a vetted roster of partners here at World Bride Magazine. Our wedding planners are a vital part of joining future families and ensuring the moments are eternally cherished. We value and encourage individualism and creativity. We dually honor the intrinsic gifts professional services offer the wedding novice. You heard their voices here. When carefully considering your nuptials, additional wedding planning advice, decorative inspiration and unique ideas, you can find out more about our sought after partners at and directly at, and

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