Roll Out the Vintage Carpet for Your Big Day

New England Loom curates vintage rugs you can feature at your wedding.

Looking to add an element of art to your wedding that will floor your guests? Lindsey Graziano did when she wed her husband Josh so she rolled a vintage down the aisle. The couple then launched New England Loom and so began their happily-ever-after story. We asked Lindsey to share her love story and ideas about how couples can use vintage rugs for their weddings.

Lindsey and Josh launched New England Loom after they featured vintage rugs at their own wedding in 2015.

Tell us a bit about your company.

New England Loom is a small business based in the Northeast. We primarily specialize in curating vintage and antique Persian and Turkish rugs but also sell handmade shoes, bags, ottomans, pillows and more made from vintage rug fragments. Unlike other décor items, vintage rugs aren’t something you can just Google, there’s an element of the hunt and you have to know where to look. We strive to take that hunting process out of the equation for customers and just offer the best of the best rugs at affordable prices. We source most of our rugs directly from partners overseas but also do a lot of sourcing locally throughout New England at estate sales, antique stores or markets.

Can you share your love story?

Josh and I met in college in Vermont and one of our favorite things to do together has always been antique hunting. This obviously played a big role in the birth of New England Loom! We were married in 2015 and started the business soon after buying our first home together on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We have two dogs, Mac and Mowgli, and expect our first child (a girl!) in August.

What is it about vintage rugs that ignite your passion?

I love how much color, history and character these types of rugs can bring to a room. They really are works of art for your floor – even with the rugs I’ve owned for years now I see something new every time I look at them and they only get better with age. While we really try to source the best of the best, all antique rugs are so special given they are handmade and how much time went into weaving each individual shape, pattern or character.

Lindsey and Josh featured a beautiful vintage rug at their wedding.

Why did you want a vintage rug at your own wedding? 

The same reasons as above! The amount of texture and beauty they added to the aisle leading into our tent was so beautiful. Our wedding had a very coastal/boho feel and these rugs really lent themselves to that. It was also so special knowing that after the wedding, these rugs would live in our home and hold the memories of that day.

Vintage rugs add texture, beauty and art to your wedding.

 Is this a new trend? What does it add to the wedding?

Using rugs at weddings is not a new trend but just like the staying power of antique rugs, is one I foresee being around for a long time. We see couples using our rugs primarily as the main centerpiece at the alter to stand on during the ceremony or the ceremony aisle, but we’ve also had couples use them for seating vignettes throughout the reception.

Get creative with the placement of vintage rugs.

Tell us about some of the couples who have rented rugs for their weddings.

Couples who come to our shop to rent rugs for weddings are looking for their day to truly be one of a kind. They don’t want the cookie-cutter wedding or the one size fits all décor that some venues offer. By choosing a one-of-a-kind antique rug for your wedding, you know that no one else is going to have exactly the same look and that your ceremony or reception look will be unique to you.

Vintage rugs are a lovely accent to a rustic wedding.

Do they typically buy the rugs? 

Yes! We’ve had several couples purchase rugs in advance or after their weddings. Once you’ve stood on the rug while saying your vows and it has been part of one of the best days of your life, it’s hard to part with it. J And if we do sell the rug after a wedding, we’re always sure to share that story with the future customer. One of the coolest parts about antique rugs is how long they have been around and the memories they hold!

 Do you know anyone else who is doing this?

Yes! Most wedding décor rental companies do now have antique rugs in their inventory as it’s become a popular wedding décor choice.

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