Atelier Bridal 2022 - Kylee Yee Photography

Atelier is the creative space where the artisan spirit dwells to produce a body of work that transforms lives. As a creator, this is how I define my space; however, it is the name of a small bridal salon established in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, servicing the needs of Asian women. The Atelier has expanded its vision internationally to women of all nationalities. The “pursuit of ultimate beauty” displayed in Haute Couture craftsmanship has been the ritual of the Atelier for decades. 

The wedding dress “carries the dream of every girl, the desire for love” and the anticipation of their future wedding is renowned Designer, Jimmy Choo’s viewpoint, rightly fitting his partnership with The Atelier in 2017. Jimmy Choo, the now professor awarded an OBE, is widely recognized for his significant contributions to his native culture, the fashion, and accessories industries. As Creative Director of The Atelier, he has secured a place for Malaysian talent in the international fashion week shows. The Atelier’s feature in New York’s Luxury Bridal Fashion Week is a continued endowment of avant-garde tailoring, impeccable details, and fine craftsmanship.

The Atelier featured a series of gowns inspired by an exotic floral vinery and foliage design arrangement. As expected, fabrics were sophisticated, ranging from embellished and embroidered tulles to delicately adorned lace and an assortment of fine materials. The classic fitted bodice and high-waisted voluminous skirts, popularly catered to the Asian woman’s figure, were beautifully flattering on models of other nationalities. Corsetry and bodice seaming highlights the dramatic contrast of fit and flare. These tailored details used an alluring sheer boning structure that exposed skin tone, giving a sensuousness even a conservative bride would love to display.

The most outstanding pieces were the more avant-garde designs that abstractly represented the shapes of flowers and their irregular form. I saw a more artistic and organic light on the garments. The color menu was classic ivory, translucent fleshy rose, and luminescent gray colors, while black showed layers of flowing mesh. These colors ushered in a transition from bridal to evening wear. The model’s display of The Atelier’s presentation, accompanied by upbeat, soulful music, created a celebratory ambiance fitting for weddings.

The Atelier’s experience in couture dressing affords them the right to style your next wedding event. A brand that first meets the needs of its own culture, becoming a platform to showcase its talents and elevating its aspirations of beauty, then services the world with the same vision, is worthy of consideration.

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