Christian Louboutin Launches Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish



Christian Louboutin has just made his first giant step into the world of beauty with the launch of his Rouge Louboutin nail color. Louboutin debuts by making its trademarked red sole available for your fingers! The red sole came about while Christian was working on the design of a shoe, back in 1992. When he got the prototype of the shoe, he was terribly disappointed, as he felt something was missing from the design. While thinking, he noticed his assistant painting her nails next to him. He grabbed the polish, and proceeded to paint the bottom of the shoe red…and thus the red bottom was born.


Rouge Louboutin features the signature red of Louboutin’s trademarked soles, encapsulated in a prismatic crystal bottle with a pointed cap that evokes the designer’s iconic 8-inch heel, the Ballerina Ultima. The nail polish is now available exclusively on Christian Louboutin e-commerce sites worldwide and selected US boutiques retail partners.

Rouge Louboutin
$50.00 USD


Victor Amos | Beauty Editor

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