Bridging the Gap: Black Women in Wellness

Through wellness we can acknowledge the physical pain black women often have to endure. Wellness is an attempt to balance the scale in a world that has made self care collateral damage to the achievement of success. Black women specifically have had to and continue to sacrifice parts of themselves to be acknowledged in their glory.

This can be seen as true in acknowledging the disparity in maternal mortality amongst black women compared to their white counterparts. Late maternal death is 3.5 times more likely amongst black women. We can also acknowledge the disparity in pay, seeing as though black women earn $.63 for every dollar white men earn. Whether this is due to the lack of advocacy for black women in clinical environments or the racism that has not been effectively addressed within industries, the care of black women is lacking overall.

So what can we do? What is there to do?

Black women all around the world are committed to finding these answers.

The Villij

Shanelle McKenzie and Kim Knight are co founders of an online wellness community called The Villij. I think it’s important to mention that the lack of representation of black women within the wellness space was a major catalyst in the creation of the Villij. As seen on their website, The Villij, has prioritized creating an accessible community for black women to be themselves and focus on themselves.

Transparent and Black

Transparent and Black was founded by Yasmine Jameelah who is actively building a safe space and prioritizing healing throughout the black community. Not only is the foundation creating intentional spaces for black women, but they do the same for black men. “While working towards creating a wellness studio with trauma-informed swim classes, access to therapists, doulas, stillness rooms and fitness classes..” the organization continues to be a pioneer within the industry

Black Girls Breathing

The different mediums healing can take place in is incredibly significant. Black Girls Breathing focuses on breathwork and the positive impact it has on the nervous system. Jasmine Marie, the founder, is a breathwork practitioner herself and plans to impact 1 million black women and girls through her work. The foundation has accessible resources on their website as well the option to join a community.

There is a clear gap in the representation and inclusion of black women within the wellness space. These organizations continue to fight against that unfortunate reality and create spaces of joy and peace. Continue to follow along with World Bride Magazine, to learn more about brands and companies positively impacting the world through wellness, lifestyle and more. 

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