A Home Built By Character

If the words wedding, ceremony, dresses, and suits are involved then most likely the bride has the last word. It goes without saying the bride looks forward to her day from childhood she waits in anticipation for the groom so she can include him in her festivities. I believe that we can agree the day has been for the bride.

However, when it comes to the atmosphere of the home I believe the groom stands in the surety that this is their area. We all want love and men are no different. A man’s home is his castle, his woman is a treasure, and his children are his legacy. Therefore what kind of materials matter when you start the process?

Before the home can be built the ground must be tested to determine its’ integrity. So men I ask you has the integrity of your hearts and mind been tested?
This truly is a conversation about character. The character of the man determines the quality structure of the home he builds for his family and himself.

It goes without saying that kindness and gentleness are great however honesty, humbleness of mind, forgiving one another, bearing each other’s burdens and love are the foundations that endure.

Given that we are all in the business of love even those who run from it there is a responsibility to self and others to do the work before we jump out there claiming territory. It is unwise to open a person’s heart who is ready for a love you are not willing to sustain. Relationships of all kinds need the qualities mentioned above as ingredients to endure.

Falling short in any area is not a failure men but an opportunity to self-reflect and then start again. Our self-reflections give us all an opportunity to gain lessons that we can carry to the next experience with positivity. In faith, we bring each lesson along with the other lessons learned drawing to ourselves the right individual able to complement who we are becoming.

It’s rather simple the work we do internally goes out before us and draws into the atmosphere versions of ourselves. Assess your environment what is the character swarming your life? If it is not what you know it should be then this is only an opportunity to start over and clean house. Matter of fact tear down the whole building and build a fresh, new vibrant house, blow out the plans, and think Big Big! Your new life and wife await.

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