The Arsenal of a Well Groomed Man

Like a man’s accessory or jewelry kit, his grooming kit is essential to him. There are some things a man must keep to give him a finished look that will make the room stop and stare.

It all begins with what he used to shower with. What he cleans and exfoliates his skin with is equally as important as brushing his teeth. The tools he uses to shave his face can either enhance his looks or damage them.

And suppose that gentleman is as precise as we know about his appearance and clothing. In that case, he will go the extra mile and take care of his nails by getting regular manicures or doing it himself, which means having a manicure kit.

These are some of the must-haves in his grooming kit:

Shower Gel by Arzo

Pure Black Shaving Brush by Art of Shaving

Heated Razor by Gillette

7-Piece Minimalist Starter Nail Kit by Terra

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