Five Tips to Finding Your “Perfect” Wedding Photographer


One of the only remaining symbols after your wedding day is your wedding photographs. Your wedding photographs are beautiful reminders of your wedding day, records of every detail, choice and decision that you labored over for months. It is only natural that there should be a serious process in determining the perfect photographer for you.

These are the 5 “P’s” to finding your “perfect” wedding photographer.

  1. Personality – Your wedding photographer is one of the only people that will be Abercrombie uk outlet women with you for the entire day. It is very important for you to select someone with a personality that you feel comfortable with. Choose a photographer that gives off the energy and presence that works for you and your day. When you feel comfortable, it shows in your photographs.
  1. Presentation – Upon your first encounter with the photographers, were they professional? Were they prepared? How did they answer your questions? How did they present themselves to you? Are their materials they presented relevant? Did you leave feeling Hollister sale uk excited? Ask to view the photography of at least two full weddings as well as other important moments of the day.
  1. Perspective – A good photographer listens to your perspective of your wedding day, interprets it and then brings it to life in your wedding imagery. Make sure your wedding photographer understands how you want your end result to look. Remember this is a collaboration.
  1. Professional – With digital cameras opening an entire new world of photographers and hobbyist, it is imperative that you work with a professional photographer on your wedding day. A professional should not only have the technical skill set but should be able to handle trying and fast moving situations.

A professional should have backup equipment, liability insurance and a backup photographer to contact in case of an emergency on that day. Ask for a list of references from at least 10 wedding clients and/or look online for reviews of the photographer.

  1. Photography – Familiarize yourself by viewing wedding photography websites online and become familiar with the latest look, trend and styles of photography. Most wedding photographers have a consistent look to their work, whether it is fun, romantic, moody, editorial or artistic.

Is there a style that resonates with you? Do you prefer black and white to color photography? Do you prefer natural or formal photos? Begin looking at photographers who have that style of work that feels right Hollister uk outlet for you.


Yes, it can be overwhelming, but use the “P” list above and consider the look and feel of your wedding along with a little dose of intuition and you will find the “perfect” wedding photographer for you.

This is the one time when a redo is not possible.

Have fun with it and congratulations!

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