The Splendor of Vero Beach By Way of Kimpton Hotel




The beaches of Vero Beach that makeup up part of The Treasure Coast is a region of the U.S. state of Florida. Located on the state’s Atlantic coast, comprising Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin, and in some definitions, Palm Beach counties.



Getting to what seems like a small island of its own, apart from the mainland, can only be easily accessible to visitors by flying into Vero Beach Regional Airport a public airport one mile northwest of Vero Beach, offering commercial jet service by Elite Airways.

While the intimate airlines may be the most convenient way to access Vero Beach from the Northeast, thanks to its direct flights But Vero can also be accessed by car from other airports in south/central Florida including Orlando International Airport.

This small commercial flight has a small team that is ready to cater to your needs. The Flight we caught from Newark Airport was rather quick and relaxing considering I never heard of the airlines. I didn’t know what to expect. But to my pleasant surprise–it was well staffed, the crew was friendly, the plane was well equipped for the short flight.

Once we landed, the small airport had our luggage right there as we debunked and I grabbed my bag and jumped in the vehicle that waited for us to transport us to our home away from home for the next three days, Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.

As we drove through the small town with very little traffic, I could not help but take a deep breath and wonder how many people inhabited this lovely place. It was clean, the sun was shining, blue skies, and the wind blowing at just the right pace. This felt right, it felt good.



As we pulled up to the hotel and the valet opened our doors welcoming us to the property, grabbing our luggage and escorting us to the front desk to check in. The lobby had refreshments that were being served, but not only for us, but this is the norm for Kimpton properties. They had an assortment of small bites, flat water as well as flavored water, also available for your pleasure– wines, and non-alcoholic beverages for those who wish to partake. They have a wine hour starting at about 5 pm daily for guests to enjoy. What a way to make guests feel at home?

As I make my way to my room, I can’t help but smile and can’t wait to explore this gorgeous hotel.




The view from my room’s balcony was breathtaking. The clear blue skies were picture perfect. But the view below although man-made and designed was equally beautiful and inviting.




With so much to do and see, as enticing as the bed seemed to be, I quickly changed into my Summer clothing and began my tour of the property. I wanted to see everything from top to bottom.

The spa came highly recommended and the services were definitely something every bride or couple should consider utilizing whether you are on your honeymoon or there for your destination wedding.


Whether visiting the spa is the first thing on your list of things to do. Make sure you both have “me time” and “us time”.


The property has a few restaurants that are definitely worth staying on property for, so to you foodies– grab a bite while enjoying the view.

At night there is a DJ that comes and plays for those of you who want to shake your groove thang.



Planning Your Destination Wedding At Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel

I can’t lie to you-you, we have visited so many locations in the past 15 years of the magazine’s existence, some places more beautiful than the other. The options are endless. So when we feature a location it is with you in mind that we first take the trip, secondly because we know the responsibility we are taking on by even featuring the location because it can make or break the deal for you our reader. We realize some of you are depending on us to review each property and give us the facts about a property without being biased.

So as we describe this particular property we want you to understand that ultimately, you and your beloved have to make the final decision of what location is going to best suit you, your vision of your wedding, your invited guests, and taking into account your budget.


Your wedding is exactly that–your wedding. As you read, take the time and visit each property and ask the right question. See if the venue speaks to you and your family, and friends.

Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel speaks to a mature crowd, an upscale crowd, that values tranquility, relaxation, good food and a certain level of ambiance that is non-negotiable.


Your wedding is their priority, the staff is absolutely very friendly, and accommodating. They are diverse in staff and are truly knowledgable of the area. Experts at being able to be attentive to your needs and anticipating your wants.


They pay attention to details and are definitely ready to be at your service. So we do recommend Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa for that discerning couple planning their intimate wedding and want a property that is not over the top with noisy nightlife, and heavy traffic.


But make no mistake you will have a good time. Maybe more then you anticipated. You bring your people and let them handle the rest–let the good times roll.



If you are planning a destination wedding you will want to have some local activities outlined for your traveling guests to be able to choose to do if they so wish. Some of the things we found enjoyable during our stay was as follows:

Bike Ride– the hotel provides bikes for guests to be able to utilize during their stay.

The Riverside Theater— make sure you look at the schedule of shows that are playing and be sure to add them to your list of things your guest can do while they are there for their vacation and attending your wedding. We had the pleasure of visiting their theater there and caught a great show and boy was it packed with fun, great performance, and a great crowd filled the auditorium.

Golfing– ladies and gentlemen if golfing is your thing. Boy, do they have a course for you. Acres of green grass awaits you and your fellow golfers. As a guest of Kimpton, you are treated like the VIP you are and they will extend to you the discounts you will want to take advantage of.

So as you can tell there is plenty to do while visiting Vero Beach. So what are you waiting for?? Pack our bags already.

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