“Contemporary African design is inspiring the global design landscape.”

Founder of 54Kibo

Born in Ghana, raised in South Africa, and now living in Brooklyn, New York, Nana Quagraine decided African artistry should be accessible worldwide. She launched 54Kibo to bring exclusive luxury décor directly from and by African artisans. The company’s name Kibo is denoted by the apex of Mt. Kilimanjaro while honoring Africa’s 54 countries. Her team curates the most striking and uncommon items for the home, office, and other lifestyle spaces.

Adjoa Print from Ghana

Making Connections

Connecting with Nana was unique as we met on our kid’s kindergarten school grounds. We both have fraternal twins who are the same age and in the same classes. It was a joy and a relief to connect simply on that level. When I discovered what Nana does for a living, I had to get her story. Amidst our lively schedules, we met via zoom to share how she began her entrepreneurial venture, managing beyond the health crisis and why everyone must focus on Africa as a destination for design, creativity, and luxury.

Stephanie Blake, Editorial Director of WBM, and Nana Quagraine of 54Kibo talk about women’s entrepreneurship and the luxury artistry coming out of Africa.

Africa and the Diaspora

At the core of 54Kibo’s purpose is showcasing sustainable African or African-inspired artisanal crafts at a level to be reckoned with. The revelation that nearly 2 billion of us from Africa or the Diaspora carry creativity that needs a platform empowered Nana to develop that very space artists and designers would need to display their work. Nana’s experience in finance, private investment, and knowledge in funding and strategic consulting contributed to her expertise in building and sustaining her business. Her heritage and passion for contemporary design made Africa a central focus while extending her reach to work with artisans worldwide. 54Kibo is a platform that currently serves over 50 product designers, mainly women. We honor that for women’s month!

54Kibo’s Decor Creators across Africa and worldwide

Honoring Women

As we highlight Women’s History Month, Nana attributes her identity and inspiration to her mother, grandmother, and other women who contributed to her growth and nurturing. Their “challenges, bravery, and how they celebrate” life helped mold her. As a wife, mother, and businesswoman, taking care of herself is paramount as she shows up for the many demands since she launched her company in 2017. She has weathered running a business, her household, motherhood, and marriage during the global health crisis. There is courage and resiliency in her journey. Matching her strength are the audacious pieces Nana has curated for 54Kibo, making them a destination for distinguished home decor.

Luxury Home Goods

A couple’s home is more than just comforting; it is the space that holds peace, safety, and memories that their future family will come to know. Furthermore, I believe what you furnish it with brings life and vibrance. As each couple contributes their distinct voice towards unveiling their oneness, the message is clear: ‘We want to stand out.’ Nana shares that couples planning for their nuptials or decorating their new home is where 54Kibo outperforms. Here are a few of her best wedding and special occasion sellers.

Treat Your Home

I fancy striking pieces and am drawn to what stands out. The bold pieces that caught my attention are the Tutu Ceiling Light, handcrafted in South Africa. The tabletop items are a mixture of fine china and table linens from Senegal and Zimbabwe. The other fabulous pieces are from Cameroon, Nepal, and Martinique.

So the pieces below feature South African work, while others hail from the African diaspora. The most alluring is the Black Women Magic Bolster pillow boasting printed sketches of Henriette Saint-Marc, St Dominque, 1700s; Sanite Blair, Haiti, 1804; Kathleen Cleaver, USA, 1970 and more! Haiti is my father’s country, and I take particular delight in seeing work like this represented. Tabletop items are from the Caribbean, including French Islands and Jamaica. I selected items with light, romantic colors and small pops of brightness for Spring decor.

Lastly, 54Kibo founder, Nana Quagraine, understands families are essential in the inspiration of creating a home with lasting memories. Here she is with her twins, Kofi and Efua, in front of their Brooklyn home. Follow her here to learn more about her efforts in bringing African designs to the mainstream market.

As your destination and luxury lifestyle resource, our global travel experiences and authentic interviews with luxury goods companies help you stand out. We can present you with curated products and services for a bespoke lifestyle space in a class of its own while preserving Africa’s artisanal knowledge for future generations. In your season of reimagination, check out our vetted vendors at WORLDBRIDEMAGAZINE. For more information on Nana Quagraine and her business, visit and mention World Bride Magazine.

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